August 13, 2010

nice day for a white wedding.

one of my most favourite girls at the gallery is getting married tomorrow. seems like only yesterday that we spent hours scouring 100 layer cake's endless inspirations and she was talking flowers and cake. her brother (finalist in project runway) is making the dress..perfect or what?the day has arrived and i wanted to dedicate a post to this very special lady as i know she will have a beautiful life ahead with her husband and their lives are only just beginning. here's a taste of what tomorrow will bring...

woodlands of marburg..she's getting married here.

peonies are her favourite but are unavailable at this time. they remind me of her though. (cocoa chu chu)

something similar will be making an appearance. (something's hiding in fav!)

my red velvet's are the thankyou gifts. all boxed and ribboned and tagged..perfect!


Paper Tree Design said...

Hi Laura, hope you have a great time at the wedding. Your cupcakes look divine! Michelle

moose and bird said...

Oh, so lovely! Your cakes look delicious. Hope you will share some more photos after the day. I'm a sucker for wedding photos. x

Flotsam Friends said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes. What a location!! And yes, I agree, your cupcakes look amazing. Wish I could have a mouthful (or more). Pruxxx