August 8, 2010

rummage numero 5.

it was a beautiful day in the middle of brisbane. met some beautiful people, sold lots of goodies and chatted chatted chatted. thanks to those who bought, talked and visited me..made my day. won't be at the next one in september as i'll be over in san francisco and NYC checking out their thrifty goodness. will be doing a bit more opping before i go..but taking it easy of course. hope your sunday was just as lovely.
before it all began.

the cute registration area.

sold like hot cakes.

the setup.

tablecloths and sheets.

the afternoon crowd.


Louise said...

Sweet! Your stall looks awesome

Maggie May said...

oh my ... jealous, jealous!!!

Kyla said...

It was great meeting you yesterday...I had an awesome time and will definitely be back again! Have a nice time on your trip xxx

moose and bird said...

Wow.....look at your set-up! How could anyone walk past without stopping.....and buying a treasure. Wish I could have come. x

Sarah said...

Hey Laura, it was great to meet you yesterday :) Shame you won't be at the next rummage but I'm sure you are going to have an excellent trip. I can't imagine all the retro goodness waiting for you in the U.S. !!

Rachel said...

Wish I could have been there: those vintage sheets look awesome!!
Love your finds.

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Laura, your stall looked fantastic. No wonder things sold so well. You have a GREAT eye. And off to San Francisco and NYC soon. Very lucky girl!! Pruxxx

StephanieTJLee said...

Aw I wish I was there I would've purchased your goodies! Very nice photos by the way. Thank you for sharing :).