October 27, 2010


she is. my mama is so freakin fantastic that i'm dedicating a blog post to her. i've been flicking through my photo albums and i thought there were some photos too cute not to share. here are a few reasons why she's so fabulous...
she's the cutest opshopping buddy. (she finds the cutest things, usually with birds on it)

she loves satc like me. (we wandered greenwich village for hours)

she loves to be silly with me. (room service reuben's in nyc)

she loves cupcakes, like me. she's my biggest fan and i love her to pieces. (even more than a magnolia red velvet)
she'll be flying back from sf to hang out with her girls for a few weeks. stay tuned for more cuteness. much love to the deserving mum's out there.


Flotsam Friends said...

What a great post!! I'm sure she loves having such a wonderful daughter... What fun you have together. She's a honey! Pruxxx

Raine and Sage said...

How touching to read such fun and cool stuff about your Mum; often sentiments about friends, and obviously she is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post ! My mouth is watering for Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and my arms are aching for a mum hug :)

baysiderose said...

Lovely to read such a gorgeous post about your Mum. She sounds like a great mate that you really treasure.Enjoy!