October 30, 2010

some seriously thrifty finds & a bicycle.

good morning! i hope this finds you starting a gorgeous weekend wherever you are...would love to know what you have planned. here's what i have in store. last night i pottered over to the vintage fashion fair here in brisbane for a little bit of eye googling and ferreting. i was in fabric and pattern heaven. even though i had verrrry few dollars to spend i loved every minute of the chatting to fellow vintage lovers and watching my bestie try on hats, my sister try on dresses and the constant screams of delightment. (that's not a word, but it works i think.)

i came away with a few treats, for only $19.50! talk about control. i could have gone crazy but i reminded myself of the awesomeness that awaited me at home and the sheer delight i find in trawling oppies for hidden treasure. but the fair was a serious vintage buffet...everything you could dream of was there!

i have a day of baking ahead today, a hazelnut sponge with mocha buttercream for an 80 year old dear, and then a friend's art gallery opening tonight. not before i pop into my local oppy to visit my bestie and to see what she has uncovered for me. remember i told you about stevos at coorparoo? if you live in brisbane and haven't been, go..you'll be rewarded. i pick up my lovely bike (i've decided i'll call her Kit) next weekend so i'm going to keep my spending/head in the sand this week.

i have a long weekend next weekend (which means some opping fun) and then my parents arrive from the US for a bit, so there'll be plenty of fun to document. mama and i will be hitting a few coastal oppy favourites, so stay tuned. happy weekend!

$7 wallpaper find from ebay. hello collage.

i fell in love with this apron, it was mine for $6. (vintage fashion fair)

a roll of retro contact. can't wait to cut these designs out and play, only $4! (vintage fashion fair)

a little metal compact mirror...sooooo pretty and only $9.50. (vintage fashion fair)

my new turquoise vintage delight. Not as cheap as the other finds..infact, wayyy off...but i love her and i pick it up next weekend. (hence the incredibly thrifty spending)


Knicky Knacks said...

Love your turquoise road machine. I'm picturing a basket on the front and a long skirt to finish off that shot. Have a wonderful weekend.

laura said...

you've seen the future! basket is being attached as we speak and the floral dress for the first ride has already been picked out! :) have a great weekend.

Raine and Sage said...

I'm seeing large french stick and bunch of spinach in the basket, riding along a French lane. Great bike! x

Sini said...

Lovely bike, I actually have same kind of with sky blue color :)