November 14, 2010

my talented sister.

i am biased, but these photographs speak for themselves. my sister is a recent QCA photography graduate and has been spending most of her weekends capturing some beautiful moments. thought it was time to share. have a peek over at her blog, she loves the feedback.

katie & i.

my gorgeous girly, barbara.

anita & peter.



barbara & dustyn.


mary & dan.



Claire said...

Katie is such a talented photographer! She is so creative and there's just something really special about her photos. I can't wait to get her to do my wedding :)

Trudy said...

your parents certainly did lots of things right. Katie is so amazing. Her photography inspires me so much.

Bayside Rose said...

I see two very talented sisters here!

...and yes Katie's photography is astounding.

Thanks for sharing. x

Flotsam Friends said...

I'm going to go pop by. I love photography. Pruxxx

Ica Images said...

wow no joke your sister issss amazing :)

Marisa said...

I just came across your blog and it is so beautiful and inspiring. Definitely following:) Your sister's photos are enchanting and lovely.

Christina said...

Lovely photos! Congratulations to your sister for recently graduating too.


kit and nancy. said...

thank you so much lovely ladies for all of your sweet comments. they mean so much, especially to katie. x

mice_aliling said...

You're not biased :) She's very talented :)