November 19, 2010

we holiday in the spaces of our home.

if you haven't grabbed this beauty yet, then hop to it. i freaked out thinking it would be sold out everywhere and then i come home to this lovely sitting on my bed. yippee! thanks mama. off to wander a few oppies with her now. hope to post a few finds later on before i head to the twilight markets in the city. can't wait to see what moose and bird has on offer! happy friday. x


Kylie C said...

I'm crossing my fingers that my parents bought this from my Christmas list!

Trudy said...

awesome! can't wait to flick through your copy ;)

Bayside Rose said...

Your Mum is great isn't she? Looks ike a fab magazine. Must check it iut.

Please pop over to my blog I am having a give away if you are interested.

Pam x

moose and bird said...

You are too sweet. I will be at the Dec 17 Twilight Markets if you would like to pop along and say hello. xo

Flotsam Friends said...

I so need to buy it. Looks amazing. Your Mum rocks. Pruxxx