November 27, 2010

opshops, reindeer & a pear.

good afternoon! went for my first official bike ride this morning with trudy over to stevo's opshop. got a couple of treats and caught up with my girls. i am so glad that i enjoy riding my bike as much as i thought i would. i haven't ridden a bike since i was 16 or so. i'm in love all over again. here are a few treats i picked up yesterday whilst opping with mama and a little something that arrived in the mail...just perfect. hope you're all having a great saturday.

bought a pack of these reindeer...they're quite large and oh so cute to decorate the house with.
mr squirrel. totally cheeky.

a yummy retro tablecloth that reminds me of brigit riley. best of both worlds.

a lovely johnson mug. think i may re-create this design in an artwork.

a petal plate, the mug and a double brass heart frame. calling out for a cross-stitch.

2 single floral flannelette sheets, perfect condition and orange. love.

look what i got in the mail...the wrapping is almost as delightful as what is inside!
my new cushion addition! it's so beautiful i can't stop looking at it. thank you so much melinda.


Raine and Sage said...

Love that table cloth and especially your new cushion. It's fabulous!! How fun to head out on your bike on a sunny day.

Flotsam Friends said...

I'm absolutely loving the reindeer cards?? What actually are they?? Oh I see, are they on top of a tablecloth? If so, the colour together go so, so well. Really caught my eye. Pruxxx P.S. Glad you're enjoying your bike. I've so got to get back on mine. You still get that feeling of freedom don't you. Pruxxx

Carmel's Closet said...

Your reindeer are super gorgeous. You've inspired me to pull my bike out of the garage and ask hubby - please sort my bike out for me - pretty please, I lurve you. I used to cycle everywhere, but have stopped since my youngest started school.
Good shopping! And a lovely mail delivery to boot. Enjoy them all.

zigsma said...

Just lurve the tablecloth and the stoneware plate. And the Johnson mug!! Excellent finds!

Trudy said...

Awesome finds! That squirrel is so cute. Bike ride again soon! xx

moose and bird said...

Hi Laura,
Thank-you so much for sharing your special delivery. You are such a sweet soul.
Melinda x