December 6, 2010

new treats & rummage.

i've been a busy bee this week superglueing, washing plates, drying plates, waiting for the super glue to dry and trying to pry my fingers apart from all the super glue that i somehow managed to get EVERYWHERE. fun times. anywho, managed to whip up some treat stands to display only the most delicious treats on. i'm hosting a baby shower this weekend coming, so i'll be whipping them out to hold my strawberry & vanilla friands, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, red velvet babycakes and raspberry brownies. yum! sold a few of the stands yesterday at rummage, which was a lovely surprise. spent a lovely sunday with my girls...trudy, sarah and morgan, aswell as trudy's mum louise and my mama too! she had a ball wandering the stalls, buying treasures. a rainy but very social sunday.

my dining table, covered in treasures.

bunny and berry (cross-stitched). (sold)

this base would have to be my fav.

'squirrel & acorn' (sold). seriously cute combo with the johnson love.

my rummage display.

cross-stitches, real display cuppies & cake stands.

little cross-stitch suitcase.

i made display cuppies, of course.


Mon Alisa Design said...

It all looks so pretty! x

Trudy said...

the cupcakes were awesome last night with a few episodes of Friends! All looks so gorgeous.

Kirsten said...

So cute! I have had many similar experiences with super glue, I beleive that it has only been once that I didn't get it everywhere, or stuck to my hands... not much fun :(

Little Ted Canvas said...

Everything there is just gorgeous! Clever & very busy you!

Geranium said...

Hi! I LOVE your cake plates - what a fabulous idea!

Just saw your comment on our geranium blog. Gee thanks for the compliment! Yes, there's bunting for sale at nook. I'm actually not sure how much Michelle sells it for in the shop! (oops!)
Unfortunately I didn't make it to the rummage - how did it go? It was sooo wet (as you know!) and also, my little boy was a bit sick so there were many forces working against me... but I sure hope to do the rummage again next year sometime.

Your blog is lovely - Congratulations!
It's so nice to read about another Brisbane crafter!
Clare :)

Paper Tree Design said...

So glad you had a great rummage despite the really yukky Sunday weather. Saturday wasn't very pleasant weather for the BrisStyle markets either.
Love the idea of your cake stands - they look great! Michelle

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh these are seriously stunning. What a wonderful idea. Seriously the most beautiful thing I've seen in ages. And all recycled as well. Each plate has real meaning and love. Is the bunny glued on too and what are your 'red velvet baby cakes'. These sound too cute. Pruxxx P.S. I'm the same when it comes to glue. It can get scary can't it!! Px

Emma said...

You are so clever! The cake stands are divine and you bake brilliantly! Super impressed!! Emma

tess said...

I can't believe I didn't see these on the day!! so clever! you upcycle like no one's business.

I want to put you in Peppermint... email me okay? xx