November 7, 2010

rummage november 7.

sunshine. city. suitcases. clouds. tourists. girlies. trees. shade. dinosaur lollies. salad. chats. papercuts. shoes. dresses. networking. friends. finding my stall twin. spending half my earnings. did i mention a grand ol' time?

my setup.

trudy florence and her treasures.

the minx and her goods.

the crowd. very cute indeed.

love letters for 50c.

my letter, so poetic. thanks hootie.


Raine and Sage said...

Wonderful shots Laura. I wish I'd been there. Your set-up looks great & comfortable. How cool is the 50cent love letters?! I like!! xx

green tea and red nails said...

ahoy! hello! greetings! :)

it was so lovely to meet you yesterday!!

looke like i should have popped by your stall a bit earlier... look at all those goodies!!!

kel x

Trudy said...

very lovely. love those love letters!

Flotsam Friends said...

What a brilliant day!! I wish I could have clicked my fingers and joined you. Pruxxx P.S. What did you buy?? Px P.P.S. I'm so nosey aren't I.

Paper Tree Design said...

Sorry I missed Rummage - all your goodies look great. Michelle

Ica Images said...

wow wow wow wow OHHHH wow ... this looks amazing wishing i could go back in time and go these ... looks like a blast