November 13, 2010

saturday love.

a few pretty pics to start your saturday morning. off to stevo's soon with mama, who flew in from sf on thursday. so much fun had already. lots of opping and treasure hunting is planned over the next few weeks and with some new products being developed for the dec 5 th rummage, you'll have your eye candy fix sorted here at kit & nancy. happy weekend all.

mattress love. best designs ever on the oppy ones.

fabric love. enough said.
bike love. i've always loved the florals.


zigsma said...

Yes! Love the old mattress designs, love the haircut on the little you and love the bike basket. I had a very similar blue one.

Flotsam Friends said...

I know, why don't they make mattress with designs like that anymore. It would be nice to have matching sheets. You look so cute on that bike, so happy with yourself. I still remember the independence I felt when I got my first bike - a blue Bennett. Enjoy your "Mum" time too. Welcome kit & nancy. Pruxxx

morgan said...

Thankyou for your comment love, it made me feel a wee bit better, plus I have bike envy!