December 21, 2010

deck the hall and oven.

myer's decoration collection is amazing. i wanted it all. i think i'll have to go back after christmas and pick up some cheap treats. i might make an all year round bauble chandelier. my oven has started it's christmas baking too. first up, a small chrissie cupcake order. then it's white christmas tomorrow night. i was going to make baileys balls but i think it's going to be a bit more 'me drinking the baileys whilst baking' kinda behaviour. i've fallen under the snotty and sore throat spell so trying to keep my spirits high. this is nothing compared to what jane from my pear tree house is going through. sending her lots of love and best wishes at this time. happy last week before christmas all, i look forward to seeing what you're cooking up! more pics later this week.

pink and orange. delicious. i swear i nearly licked these.

i'm in love.

ready for the box and ribbon.

all packed up!


Bayside Rose said...

Your cakes are gorgeous!

Love your honesty about the Baileys!..and I must say..I totally understand.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Pam x

Olga said...

Your pictures are magnificent! Thanks so much. Happy Holidays.