December 18, 2010

new project.

look at what i picked up just the other day! a lady at work was selling off a few pieces of her retro furniture so when i saw this gem i had to get it. i've been wanting a display piece like this for like, ever. the same day my $3.51 roll of vintage wallpaper from ebay arrived, meant to be? i think so! i'll be wallpapering the inside very soon and it will live in my room right under the window, as seen below. as i have such pale skin and can't wear yellow, i think i channel my love for it through decorating. either way, being surrounded by yellow is just so lovely. i also received my 'moo cards', the cutest and prettiest business cards i ever did see. have a wonderful weekend all, i'm off to the nutcracker tonight, which should be lovely. happy saturday!

picked up this pair from wac a few weeks back, they're s&p shakers but will live on the cabinet from now on.

designs like this make me want to squeal with excitement.

my moo cards.

kit & nancy.


Alison said...

It certainly seems like it was meant to be. I'd love to see the finished project. Yellow is so cheerful.

Paper Tree Design said...

Laura, you are just a magnet for lovely vintage finds!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the business cards too. Michelle

Bayside Rose said...

Love the idea of yellow. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Your moo cards are great.

Pam x

Little Ted Canvas said...

Fantastic purchases! I love your cards too, I was just checking out moo yesterday in search for someone to do my business cards..merry christmas!

melissa said...

I love your moo cards arent they cute? I had some made up with photos of my vintage sheet collection and i love them.

Ive got that exact same cabinet which i bought from the tip shop for ten bucks and ive been thinking of lining it with wall paper too! Yours will look fantastic - can you please show us when its done?

Hannah Percyowl said...



I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell.