January 1, 2011

well hello 2011.

picked up this pair of decorations from the myer sale.

the kitschiest wall vases ever, inherited from a lovely 91 year old dear named laura.

some of her doilies too.

been reading and getting inspired by my frankie sweet treats.

and hanging my new tapestries.


Raine and Sage said...

Well with a name like Laura you know you're guaranteed to get something stylish and gorgeous right?! Those Frankie nougat sweet things do look delicious.
Happy new year, and look forward to kit & Nancy's productions and inspirations in 2011. Sonia :) x

Bayside Rose said...

Well hello Laura,

Those wall vases are just gorgeous! I see you have some of the same decs as me and I didnt get them in the sale...damn!!

Oh and lots of lovely doileys there as well.

Happy New Year. Pam x