January 3, 2011

new year sunshine and a clean out.

sunday at the beach with my girls, perfect.

monday morning sunshine. mowed the lawn yesterday, yay!

tidy studio. i love you.

cabinet cleanup. excuse my language.

how much fun is colour sorting your fabrics?

labelling is also great. like giant coloured candy jars!


Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Oh, I'm so inspired by your lovely fabric boxes! I think your onto something there.
Sophie x

Bayside Rose said...

Just checked out your FB. Wow Laura! Now I know wh to come to when I need something special. And you are famous in Brisbane too!!!
Glad you can spell. :) :)

tess said...

those last three photos are a dream... like the living, breathing immoralisation of my 'to-do' list... SIGH. x