February 12, 2011

cat lady?

friday was photoshoot fun, with a few sneak peeks shown below. it was very inspiring watching fellow creatives tess and shaelah work their magic in my humble abode. popped down to the coast today with kate for a bit of opping, shopping and a max brenner treat. found a couple of goodies and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. have also decided i'm going to buy one of these as my old faithful breville mixmaster, 'betty' died yesterday. this cake queen needs a new machine fast. i hope you're all having a wonderful saturday.

shaelah on the couch...the things you do for the perfect shot.

reflective fun was had.

the cake i decorated for a seperate feature.

photoshoots are hungry business.

the little gem i picked up today.

i found a load of vintage cards. this is one of my favourites. my wedding invites will channel this 70's awesomeness.

whilst photographing my finds late this afternoon i was joined by my new assistant from a few houses up. i'm not a huge fan of cats but this guy is a complete charmer.

who could resist this?


Kylie C said...

That photo shoot looks like super fun!

I want that mixmaster too! You've probably spotted my stunning c.1957 mint green Sunbeam one - it apparently does work, but I've never tried. I just love looking at it!

Trudy said...

haha so cute! can't wait to see the shots from the shoot!

Knicky Knacks said...

Love that shot of you standing on the back of the lounge suit. I think we can all relate to going to extremes for the perfect shot!

Lucent Imagery said...

Oh the mixer looks gorgeous. I am seriously bad when it comes to kitchen ware shops. The temptation is so great! That cat is so cute. He's like a dog rolling on his back, saying "pat me?".

green tea and red nails said...

i am very excited to hear more about this photo shoot :)! how awesome!!

love your oppie finds too :)

kel xx

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

Your baked goods look sooooo good! Tasty and super adorable.