February 9, 2011

thank you.

thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who bought a vintage treat at rummage, donated because of their beautiful rspca pup or saw what i was doing and wanted to help. you know who you are and i'm humbled by your generosity. $350 is on it's way to the flood appeal, i got emotional just filling in the form and explaining why i wanted to donate. the gorgeous fella in the last photo is the reason behind it all. after being left at the fairfield shelter 6 years ago, he got transferred to the gold coast and that's where we found him. archie, you'll never know just how much you're loved and how much you've enriched our lives. we are so lucky to have you. X

you can donate too, at anytime. any amount will help.

off it goes to help get fairfield shelter back on it's feet.

archie, the reason behind it all. so much love.


Lucent Imagery said...

Oh I'm in love with Archie. I feel guilty saying that! But I'm sure my dog knows his place as no.1 dog in my heart. During the floods, my heart broke over and over again, and even more so when I saw/heard about the animals affected. I can't handle the images and they stay burned in my mind. So sad. I remember hearing about a dog being rescued by a helicopter pilot up north who flew around picking up pets that were left behind and took them to a safe property. I want to be a fairy who flies around picking up all the left behind pets and farm animals in a disaster like this. I can understand you were emotional when donating. It has been such an upsetting thing to witness. But so has the beauty in Australian spirit of helping each other. And you are part of that beautiful spirit.

Nick said...

Kively story...I love Archies eyes. Congratulations on your mystery shoot. Look forward to seeeing it in print, xxNick