February 8, 2011

smoothies and setups.

i'm just about to head off out the door to boxing but i wanted to share with you a sneak peek into a new collection. you may have already seen a few of these pieces, but the project that they'll be taking part in is brand spanking new for me. i won't say too much but i will let slip that there may be a photoshoot happening at my place soon and a new feature in a rather special mag. i also bought a beautiful new blender today for my new smoothie making regime. i'm feeling good and i have the pink boxing gloves to thank for it. have a good night all!

the setup, including pom poms & woodland creatures of course.

isn't he cute?


Anonymous said...

I adore your opening line :
'i'm just about to head off out the door to boxing' !
Have fun in those pink gloves :)

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Oh my goodness, so exciting!! Looking forward to you revealing all soon. xx

Paper Tree Studio said...

Love the cheeky squirrel by the way! Michelle

Paper Tree Studio said...

Ooh, very intriguing Laura!!!
Can't wait for an update. I do love a mystery. Michelle