February 6, 2011

rspca rummage.

it was the hottest day in the centre of brisbane city, but the rummage crowd powered through and created one of the best events i've attended in a while. i really enjoyed spending the day with my girls nestled under the tree by the casino. it was busy and hectic at times but as soon as everyone had settled in and started selling, the socialising and chatting (and the odd bit of purchasing) began. I want to say a special thank you to tess who bought some of my bigger ticket items and the lovely kellie who nabbed a few treats from my blog before the rummage had even begun. you're treasures. you, and many others helped me to raise $245 for the rspca's fairfield shelter. i am so humbled by everyone's attitude towards my aim to raise money for this more than worthy cause. thank you thank you thank you. below are a few things i spent my $20 pocket money on today. a delightful day. x

pretty as pie pillowcase from kellie. (her stall and blog are just delicious)

little fawn from kimberly. (i could have bought everything)

i swear kellie is my personal shopper..this lady seems to find everything i love yet never find at oppies.

it's by nancy...had to have it!
staffordshire potteries. love.


Trudy said...

So amazing! I'm so proud of you. xx

green tea and red nails said...

you are lovely! thanks for the shout out :)

That's an awesome total for the RSPCA! Good for you!

was lovely to catch up yesterday xxx

Bungalowgirl said...

Just found your blog and love what a colourful visual feast it is. Was inspired to comment as I have that sheets that match your pillowcase- just waiting to be turned into a dress for my girl. I have a very new blog over at Bungalowbliss.blogspot.com if you want a peek. Love oppies too , especially for fabric but haven't had time to post on this yet. By the way, had not even heard of the rummage - is it a regular thing? ( 2 small children/a job and a house called Betsy will do this to a girl)

Kijaro said...

Your very welcome Pretty Lady so glad he went to a good home, I love my tapestry-esk fabric too. :D

I am so impressed by your fund-raising efforts too!! Thats a very good taking for the day and its going to a very very worthy cause :D