February 27, 2011

just what the doctor ordered.

i'm not sure where to begin. it's the end of one of the most blissful weekends i've ever had. my girls and i road tripped up the coast to the beautiful buderim to spend the weekend opshopping, sun worshipping, swimming, indulging and crafting. there were lovely finds at the local oppies (see below), swimming in the ocean (which i don't do enough of)..and really, getting me into bathers is it's own mission, eating beautiful food on the verandah, playing in louise's studio with vintage fabric and watching her work her crafty magic on some new designs sarah had in mind for lace curtains. just perfection. louise, if you don't already know, is trudy's very talented mum, who spends half her time here in australia and the the other time in canada. what a lucky lady. this means trudy and i share the 'having a mother living across the world' moments..and i do believe this has brought us closer. our mothers are very similar and share many interests. just gorgeous. go have a peek at her lovely blog, possum & deer. my two girls are heading overseas in a few months to follow their dreams and ferret in faraway opshops. i really haven't begun to work out how i'll be dealing with that, but for now, i'm going to enjoy their company, love, support and beauty. thank you for a beautiful weekend that was just what the doctor ordered.

it happened...a kitchenaid was purchased. (my trusty 3.5yr old breville died last week) those who know me too well, will understand the dreams i've had of owning one of these beauties.

she'll be elsie, because i love the name and i always wondered why my english uncle called me that. (my initials are L.C.Mitchell)

gorgeous lampshade picked up at buderim lifeline. it was incredible, so many bits and bobs, reminded me of thrift town in sf. i think i'll use this for a cakestand base.

check out this cutie. he's no small cat, he's chunky (26cm long and 21cm high) and fluffy and gorgeous. remember i told you i wasn't a cat lady? well, it reminded me of this cheeky fella, i couldn't resist.

peachy loveheart vase. already sat next to the kitchenaid on the benchtop. love.

a lovely victoria turi design dish, perfect for apple crumbles!

70's homecraft and some gorgeous recipe cards.

you know it's a 70's home when there are trees and clouds in the bedroom.

a delicious new bedspread that i'll be using as a rug in the studio. should look delightful, pics soon.

forgot to show you this mushroom beauty from the finds last week.


Lucent Imagery said...

I have kitchen aid envy! I love the peach coloured vase and bedspread/rug! So good to hear you had such a lovely weekend.

Jennie said...

oh I love the orange Kitchen Aid!
Ours is peppermint green. I adore it!

melynda said...

awesome! we seemed to have the same weekends!
see you sunday?

Raine and Sage said...

What a gorgeous weekend away. You certainly had great beach swimming weather. Elsie is a beauty!

Louise said...

I loved the weekend Laura..I'm looking forward to more pics of the rug on your studio floor..and the kitchenaid will be fun!!

Kylie said...

You weren't exaggerating when you said you had found treasure Wow!
Your gorgeous orange Kitchen Aid makes my white one look b-o-r-i-n-g!!! And my Nanna's name was Corrie Elsie btw.
I love the bedspread. x

Trudy said...

So glad I got to share the weekend with you. xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous orange kitchenaid and other lovely finds. The only thing that stops me having overwhelming kitchenaid envy is that I haven't been able to choose a colour yet anyway. I vacillate between cream and pistachio.....

Hannah said...

such a gorgeous colour for a kitchenaid! i also like how the bowl reflects the flowery fabric/paper it is on.

objectsofwhimsy said...

some lovely finds and congratulations on the new addition to your family I would also go orange nice choice in colours my dear!

nais said...

i share your kitchen aid dream! love the bedspread too. what a joy to add to your creative space! happy creating. :)