February 24, 2011

fabric love.

what a week. not a very good week. hope my positive/creative vibes come back soon, they've been m.i.a for a few days. thoughts are with nz of course. let's make next week 10 times better yes? a few pretty fabrics always help.

gorgeous bath towel. i'll be the prettiest boxer at the gym.

two loveheart cushion covers. not a huge fan of black and red but these were too LOVEly to miss.

some pretty pink floral sheets. so crisp, straight out of the packet. yum.

a few lovely pillowcases.


Trudy said...

beautiful colours!
I know what you mean, only just feeling like I could manage anything creative today.
love you.

Hannah said...

i am always so envious of your floral fabric finds! they are pretty much the reason i visit your blog-just to see them :)

i live in Brisbane too, but where i look definitely does not have such lovely selections!

Kate said...

I've had a bit of a crappy week too but I feel better knowing its almost over and after seeing your gorgeous fabrics. Especially the top one. I hope next week is a great one for us both.

Hannah said...

yes, i have been to the suitcase rummage :) it was incredibly hot at the one in janurary though -so i feel as though i did not see as much as i should have! i will definitely be there next time.

p.s. thankyou for your comments too

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Love your blog - and those scrumptious vintage pillow cases! Scarlett x

Flotsam Friends said...

Great finds. Adore your 'boxing' towel. I hear you babe, I've been a bit slack in the old creativity department of late too. Slowly getting my groove back... Slow and steady is supposed to win the race right?! Yep, I agree, let's have a ripper week. Pruxxx