February 14, 2011

LOVEly day.

today i took myself opshopping and then for a haircut. found some real treasures and spent the afternoon at the hairdressers talking about paris, vintage fabrics and the galleries. i've got a giant falafel salad planned for dinner and then it's back to work tomorrow. off to see what your mondays have brought you, perhaps after dinner...all this pampering makes a girl hungry! have a great week. x

a delicious large square tablecloth, bright and beautiful.

floral paintings seems to be my thing as of late.

another bob ross'esque forest painting. see the collection forming?

can't resist some cafe curtain and doiley love. that embroidered one is just divine. oh the work that went into it!

a yummy cannister that may become a cakestand. love the mixed spice touch.

oh yes! it has begun. the syrup/batter jug collection has started. so excited right now.


morgan said...

Love the haircut lady!! And collecting syrup jugs, , love it! Back at work on thursday, hope I'll see your face xx
happy valentines :)

Trudy said...

That mixed spice canister looks large. Is the photo deceiving me or did someone just really love mixed spice??

Flotsam Friends said...

More divine things... Can I buy the cake stand when it evolves? Seriously! You are so, so good with those salad wraps... Pruxxx