March 28, 2011

betty vs julia.

so it's only taken me several years, some convincing from trudy who is a whizz with her slow cooker and a trip to lifeline to get me on the slowcooking wagon. never been a huge fan of cooking casseroles or soups (or leaving food to cook unattended) but with winter (queensland's version anyway) approaching i wanted to get on board! couldn't resist this gorgeous piece of orange awesomeness you see below. as you would probably understand, i could not be persuaded to pick up a shiny new white version. this has heart, and was owned by alice. label says so. the photos of today's finds are terrible, it was raining and approaching 6pm fast, so i snapped what i could. i spent all morning cleaning the house (ok, like 3 hours, but it felt like 8) and then gathered all my opshop bags to donate and loaded the car. it started to rain by then so i was a little disheartened but once i got to the salvos the volunteer's happy face at seeing all of my donations and the little bits i picked up in the shop, made it all worthwhile. i'm baking monte carlos later but you all know what they look like so hopefully minus the stopping to take photos, they should be whipped up in no time. it's rummage this sunday so i'm gathering treats from around the house like a mad woman. will pop some pics up of the treats on offer during the week. hope you've had a grand start to the week and things are looking good for the rest of it. love.

isn't she beautiful?

some doily loving.

yummy fabric napkins.

a coated fabric platter, sure to jazz up my kitchen sink detergents.

i found this cheeky guy at the salvos and i think artist tony albert has more of an impact on me than i realise. his works comprising of kitschy indigenous collectables are thought-provoking and channel a much deeper message. ( i have spent the last few months with his work @ goma)

some 'old navy' ballet flats, so cute and fit perfectly.


Kylie C said...

I have my nanna's big old orange sunbeam crock pot. I love it dearly.

I won't ever leave it unattended, though - it makes a slightly unnerving buzzing sound at times. ;)

zigsma said...

She sure is a beauty! I have one too. I don't use it as often as I could, but I spend a lot of time admiring it. Cute ballet flats.

Trudy said...

Yay! so cute! gonna make me dinner soon ;)
Ps. Totally had matching curtains and mat in the fabric those napkins are made out of when I was a kid.

Kylie said...

thanks for introducing me to Tony Albert's work Laura, I know that kitschy Aboriginal stuff is politically incorrect but I can't help liking it...

Bayside Rose said...

Gorgeosu finds Laura.
Pam x

Bayside Rose said...

Oh no a spelling error- should be gorgeous!

Paper Tree Studio said...

Love the slow cooker! Autumn may finally be here so I think you will be putting it to use very soon.
Love your op shop haul as always. Michelle

moose and bird said... always find the most gorgeous treats. Happy Thursday lovely lady x