April 2, 2011

today i'm...

watching: (am) my arse getting kicked at boxing (pm) romy & michele.

eating: chocolate covered blueberries (as you do after every workout)

listening to: ke$ha, notorious b.i.g, lionel richie, katy perry, rihanna, phil collins & john mayer. a nice varied mix.

shopping & ferreting at: 'can you keep a secret'

baking: gf monte carlos

getting ready for: rummage tomorrow!

the weather has been GLORIOUS today. i'm attending my bestie's 'things that used to be cool' birthday party next weekend so some 'awkward clothes' shopping was done today. it's hard when things that i think used to be cool, still are. i've decided to go baby sitter's club style with some stonewashed dungarees (that are too short) and a crazy patterned 'katies' top (which i love and hope to wear again in winter). found some 'claudia'esque' earrings too. definately not going to turn heads in a good way next saturday night. fun times ahead! here are a few pics from my day. hope yours is just as lovely.

last week i spotted this gorgeous forest print at 'can you keep a secret'...today i walked out with it. it's the essence of what i love most right now. (it's giant and spans the length of my piano!)

i've been busy reorganising my lovely little home. my cake stands are now my latest favourite setup.

my new favourite ferreting ground.

to complete my outfit below.

oh my.

glorious light soaking into my lounge.


Trudy said...

LOVE the outfit! I found a cropped shell top to go with my floral leggings ;) HOT!

Bungalowgirl said...

Wow, forgot how special stonewash was! Great earrings and top - just make sure you rub and rub your fringe so it sticks straight up in the air and you are good to go girl.

The above fore-mentioned. said...

Your outfit took me back to scrunchie socks and rara shirts... I actually hated the 80s and most things associated with them other than the Smiths, the Cure, the Finn brothers (and a few others). I am having flash backs of happy pants, hyper-colour shirts and fluro. Save me!