March 6, 2011

life is beautiful.

isn't it? i sometimes forget just how lucky i am to be surrounded by all this beauty. i get caught up with work, missing my family and often beat myself up about not making enough artwork. my passion gets a little stunted and that makes me feel just plain sad and sorry for myself. that's all going to change, with some positive thinking, socialising and some artmaking. i have some great ideas that i'm just so excited to see come to fruition so have decided to just focus on that one idea this week instead of attempting to multitask with ideas and end up overwhelming myself. This you'll probably understand because creative ideas are like babies, they need nurturing and constant love and attention. how can i expect to make all this art when i don't allow the time to do so. i was up drawing in my sketchbook in the early hours of this morning and had the sweetest dreams because of it. letting the creative juices flow is just as good as a holiday, i feel back to the real me again, and i'm so excited about it. woo. on another creative note, i stopped by rummage this afternoon for a wander and catchup with my favourite rummage girls. I decided to take a break this month as i was feeling a bit all over the place and i feel better for the break. will be back rummaging next month though! i have some pics below of some of the treats i picked up. rummage is such an eclectic mix of people, fashion and vintage treats. you really must stop-by if you're a brisbane dweller. the weather has also cooled down and although we braved gusty winds in the city today, i am just so happy autumn is here. the cooler nights and tight wearing behaviour is something i look forward to the most. there'll still be warm days but i'm hoping to take kit out a lot more for some adventures. fun fun. i hope you've had a lovely weekend. saturday was a bit of a write off for me, was such a lazy bum pottering in my pajamas all day. feels great though doesn't it? i'm off to grab some dinner with my sister, but i look forward to seeing what you've been up to. something beautiful i hope. x

the most delicious pillowcase that i ever did see.

chocolate brown syrup jug for the collection.

miss sampler framed print.

floral coasters from denmark, courtesy of lovely louise.

gorgeous pink/aqua fabric and pink floral from the gorgeous kellie.

a little floral oil painting to add to my collection.

painted by edna, love it!

hand typed recipes. lazy daisy & peach cakes, perfect.

beautiful handwritten recipes.

a couple of shop purchased treats. moustache ribbon and archie the french bulldog (gift from san fran). thanks mama!


zigsma said...

That's the spirit!! I have that same pink floral sheet on my baby girl's cot.

Paper Tree Studio said...

Hey You, I know what you mean about trying to just concentrate on one thing at a time ..... as I look at my endless 'to do' list in front of me! Some fab finds today too. Michelle
p.s. I'm having a little giveaway over at mine.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Rummage sounds fabulous. Love the coasters esp. Scarlett x

Hannah said...

I feel like that with my photographs. That I definitely don't take enough, and am not inspired.

My Mum and I went to rummage this afternoon -had to hold my skirt down the whole time though. The pillowcase you found is lovely :)

See you there next time!

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows said...

Oooh, such lovely finds! Hooray for grandmothers, too- love the blog name. Mine are Jean and Edna. :) Laura

Michelle said...

Oh I love all of your treasures! The beautiful pillow case, the material, the lovely handwritten recipes, the coasters were fab. Great finds!

mel @ loved said...

All those gorgeous treasures!! I love the coasters & all those recipies, wow!

Trudy said...

So glad you have got your mojo back. Love you lots and lots - cuppa together one night? xxx

Bee happy said...

You found some great things, love the tape :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Bayside Rose said...

Hey Laura, You have won my giveaway!! Please contact me with your details.

Pam x

Lucent Imagery said...

Hi Laura, this was such a lovely post to read. Hope your week has continued wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
Not sure if you still use this blog but I randomly stumbled upon it because the painting you have pictured is by my beautiful grandmother Edna :)
Just wondering if you still have it and if you still want it? Would love to buy it from you if you no longer want it as I'm trying to collect as many of her artworks as I can.
Kind regards, Lauren