March 12, 2011

baking day.

since i stopped baking for the cafe at the beginning of the year, i have really enjoyed doing the odd cake order/brownie making for my friends. i started early today, as a cupcake order of 90 '21st' red velvets were on the agenda. asked to keep it simple and something a boy would eat...easy as pie i thought. red velvet is my favourite cake to make and most of the time i make them gluten free with vanilla cream cheese frosting. a winning combo in my eyes. so i whipped out elsie and got baking. this is the first batch of baking i've done with a kitchenaid and i wasn't disappointed. it did take much longer cleaning her afterwards because let's be honest, she's no breville and has to always look her best. she's more like an art piece to me that will bake the odd cake. i'm definately in love. on the way to drop off the cake order, sarah and i popped into an oppy at annerly where we both found a pretty new addition to our wardrobes. mine, the skirt below and hers a beautiful red prom dress that fits her to a t. on my way back i popped into reverse garbage for some wood delights that will feature in my new project, starting tomorrow. i hope you've all had a great saturday...sunday seems like it will be just as beautiful.

the famous red batter.

i am no neat baker.

turquoise buttercream. a colour i can't resist.

cupcakes everywhere.

literally icing on every surface.

the final combinations.

vintage greeting cards. love. to be used in my new project.

wood blocks and vintage earrings.

my pretty floral ($5) highwaisted pencil skirt.

did i mention it had a bow on the back?


Olive and Esther said...

Laura, I have to agree with you, Elsie is beautiful. She looks fantastic whipping through that gorgeous red batter.

Rebecca said...

Cupcakes look AMAZING, as does the material of that skirt!! What a find!!

Trudy said...

Those colours are so amazing. Maybe the skirt will come out tonight? Oh it probably needs a wash yes?

Kylie said...

Hey Laura

Yum! Those cup cakes look delish!
Love the skirt too!
I'm giving away a vintage Pierucci dress on my blog - you should pop by and put your name down...x

Lucent Imagery said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I'm having a rather perfect weekend myself which is much needed after our unsettling summer... but now thoughts are with poor Japan. That skirt looks like a great find! I think I'll need to try your cupcakes someday, somehow! :)

sunday collector said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! I have read about red velvet about 20 times recently, must be a sign - I should attempt it, they sounds so yum!

Tracey said...

Your cupcakes look incredible!! I keep seeing people making 'red velvet' versions, and really need to try them for myself.

Alas, I don't have a Kitchenaid (but I do have one on my MUST BUY list). :)

I love your skirt ... that bow is divine (I love anything with a bow).

*Spring Blossom* said...

Sooooooooooooo jealous of your Kitchen Aid...... one day I'll get one....

nais said...

love the sound of your red velvet cupcakes. and how lovely they look - such great symetry! i envy your skill. :)

Bayside Rose said...

Loving those colours.

Please contact me re your giveaway win.

Pam x