March 18, 2011

holga love.

some dreamy holga shots that were taken on my nyc & sf jaunt last september. the unpredictability and excitement of what you'll capture makes the $25 film processing fee totally worth it. already have them headed for frames on the wall. pics soon. will be back on the weekend with baking and market find photos...happy weekend all!

washington sq park & magnolia bakery.

magnolia. only the best cupcakes, ever.

corner of bedford & grove. love.

golden gate bridge from baker beach. love that you can just make it out.


Bee happy said...

I love the fact that they're not clear, so dreamy!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Alex Adamson said...

I love me some Holga! Always beautiful.


Lucent Imagery said...

I think I took a photo of the same cafe on cnr Bedford and Grove! Love both cities and could live in either of them. We were there last year - I'm still putting the photos up on my blog slowly! Great holga shots! My favourite is the cnr bedford one.