March 20, 2011

sunday behaviour.

it's been a delightfully cooler and rain-filled weekend here in brisbane. my british blood loves this kind of weather and rejoices in any excuse to pop the oven on for a bit of baking without feeling like i may collapse with heat exhaustion. sounds a little dramatic i know, but anyone who braves queensland's humidity will understand. after a cardio box session yesterday morning, i was kinda wiped out for the rest of the day but did get my second wind later in the evening when cleaning and washing began. before that though, i was snuggled up on the couch with frankie and patrick swayze. ('ghost', for those wondering.) this morning i woke up around 10, cooked myself a yummy bacon and egg brekkie, had a skype chat with m&d and then got baking. i bought the wonderful women's weekly 'afternoon tea' a few months ago but haven't yet attempted any of it's beautiful recipes. it truly is the most delicious book..the photos alone are enough to make you oooo and ahhhh. so it's monte carlo sunday. i decided to make them gluten free which can sometimes be a bit of a gamble but with gf red velvet and gf brownie recipes down pat...i wondered what else i could attempt. the final result, is a biscuit that is half melting moment, half macaron...not a bad combo hey? the gf flour makes the biscuit so soft and buttery, that literally melts in your mouth. doesn't really look like the photo or as rustic as i thought it would be (i pictured anzac biscuit style)...but they taste wonderful and a biscuit that asks for vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam to be slathered inbetween really can't ever be bad! like the artist i am, i documented the process, which of course added about 2 hours to a 20 min baking adventure. fun times. give them a go, you won't be disappointed!

such an adventure calls for pretty floral fabric...

and colour complementary baking tools.

such a sweet collection.

elsie working her magic. the final batter.

i made them bigger than the recipe asked for, because monte carlos need to be giant in order to be delicious, right?

cooling off. they're still light and fluffy thanks to the gf flour.

whipping the life out of the filling. it's the key i tell you. fluffy icing is the way to go.

hello raspberry jam that i don't use enough in baking and the icing bag which really is an extension of my left arm.

piling it on. get ready to be smushed.

smushed and looking divine.

good enough to eat, you could say.

find the recipe here!


Hannah said...

yum! These look much nicer than the ones from the shops [which i do not like].

I made some biscuits on friday afternoon. Although they went flat as soon as i got them out of the oven, they still only lasted less than 24 hours.

i have definitely enjoyed the rainy weekend!

Kylie C said...


Trudy said...

I get to eat these tonight :) Thanks to my lovely lady for making them GF for me - sounds like it made them perfect! You know macaroons are my favourite! I had a lemon on at Belle Epoque this afternoon. I don't think you can ever have too many.
See you soon my love. xx

kijaro said...

they look super tasty and your pictures of the process are divine as well. I will have to try one of your home baked goodies one day.
PS I have another little treasure I picked up for you to today too.

myheartbeats said...

nom nom nom. Laura these look amazing!

Tracey said...

Looks (and sounds) like a wonderful weekend ... I've been enjoying the cooler weather too.

That Brisbane humidity is awful.

Lucent Imagery said...

What a lovely recap of the weekend. I've recapped half of mine but it finished off with a great Sunday afternoon engagement party. Love your photos and words. Where does one buy these coloured spatulas I keep seeing? :)

Sarah-Jayne said...

They were DEEEEEEEEEEEELISH. I liked how soft and crumbly they were. Never underestimate a butter biscuit ;).

Thanks for making them Lau. love you x

nais said...

hello again kitcheaid of my dreams!!

there is something on my blog for you today lovely girl... :)

Sarah said...

Wow they look delicious! I will definitely have to try these GF for the hubby :)

Lizeylou said...

Gotta love Womens Weekly cook books!
I only wish I had more spare time and your gorgeous Kitchen Aid!!