April 17, 2011

cloudy skies.

hello sunday!

It's been a couple of weeks since i posted so i'm going to warn you that there'll be an image overload to follow. total eye candy i might add (lots of can you keep a secret sneak peeks), and covering all of the fabric, baking and vintage shopping bases, i'm sure you'll enjoy! It's been a busy time at the flower house and i am happy to say that i am full to the brim with inspiration. an august group exhibition has been secured which is very exciting and long awaited. sneak peeks of new works and installation ideas will soon follow and the good vibes have also been nutured by a certain herriott grace, whose cloud cookie cutter i have been eagerly awaiting in the mail. oh boy was it christmas when it arrived last week. she is a wonderfully creative woman with a successful business and her ability to decorate cakes that adorn her fathers wood turned creations is out of this world. like a certain something's hiding in here duo, these guys never cease to inspire me. speaking of people who rock my world...i had my gorgeous girls over for dinner last thursday where i cooked up my first ever curry. i mean, who has time to cook when there are sweet treats to bake? it's a woman's weekly recipe (of course) and was a bit yummy. cauliflower, red lentil and pea curry warmed our bellies indeed. sarah, trude and i spent today hanging out at secret and playing dress up (a pretty pink floral blouse and turquoise dress were purchased), taking photos and planning birthday parties. went to lunch at lady marmalade in stones corner, which was delicious. have heard lots about it so glad we got to try it out. life chats were had over soy lattes, haloumi and johnson plates. this afternoon was full of chilling in egg chairs, drinking creme brulee tea, flamenco tunes and cloud cookie behaviour. have been dying to try the recipe out. note to self: do make sure you spare a few hours and use far less salt than the recipe asks for and you'll have hit the jackpot. super cute final result though. the state that my kitchen is in right now, i think i'll concentrate on some blogging for a while. i do hope your weekend has been just as delicious.

i'm framing tapestry designs...loving the idea i saw on a gorgeous blog. (not for sale)

i think they're just as beautiful minus the wool! (nfs)

love my yellow roses..a mid week oppy find. (nfs)

sorting fabrics for the vintage fabric sheet swap.

visiting secret always makes me happy.

see why?
oh yes, not one but THREE handmade ceramic balloons!

blue and green gorgeousness.

cosy corner.

an orange lounge...my kinda furniture.

the obligatory suitcase shot.

there are goodies..everywhere!

our in house fashionista.

delicious lunch.

the love starts...

things are going well...

lovely little clouds make for...

a beautiful cloudy sky. (sorry about the night time photos!)


morgan said...

can't wait for the exhibition!!! also can't wait for a weekend free from work when I can come play toooo!

Kylie said...

just beautiful. Everything. (especially those cloud biccies)

Katie Mitchell Photography said...

Ummmm I neeeeeed that ceramic pink heart balloon. How much was it and do you think it might still be there? Cookies look salty. Oops, I mean lovely! ;) Icing makes everything yummy! X

moose and bird said...

Yay.....you're back. I've missed your gorgeous 'vintage and baking' inspired posts. Love your oppie finds as usual, and those biscuits.....just fabulous. Have a lovely week. xo

Trudy said...

gorgeous Lau. Thanks for an amazing day. Love you lots. xx

PJ said...

jealous of the yellow roses and those cloud biscuits look amazing!

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green tea and red nails said...

woohoo! looks like you have had a lovely few weeks :)

cant wait to get some of those lovely sheets in my mailbox... yay!

have a fabulous week x

Hannah said...

yum! those cloud biscuits look amazing, the icing you did looks great!

karlyn Jackson said...

That cloud cookie cutter is divine. How good do those bickies look?

melynda said...

LOVE those red roses!!