April 18, 2011

miss ingalls.

it's becoming more apparent to me lately (and my mum - who still watches LHOTP) that i am channelling my inner laura ingalls. being named after her helps, but my recent dress up at secret on sunday, got the love for buttoned up blouses and bows a-flowin'. it all started in san francisco when every dress i seemed to pick up was quickly put into the little house on the prairie catagory, not hard in the us of a. i fell in love with the dress seen in the last pic below and even though it's far too long and the sleeves are just too puffy (not good for my swimmer shoulders) i just adore the peachy floral print and took it home. i feel a prairie dress makeover coming on. i do believe i just love getting my pretty on. but who doesn't?

my latest prairie purchase.

i know this is mary, not laura, but check the bow please?

the sf purchase. peachy florals, i love you.


Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

Love the dress! And the pouffy sleeves look great - wouldn't have pegged you for a swimmer with "swimmer's shoulders". You look gorgeous!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You look gorgeous! It's a really good look on you. I didn't watch the show much, but I loved the books when I was young.

PJ said...

you look adorable and I'm a sucker for bows too.

Rachelous said...

You look lovely, good luck making over that dress, I'm sure it'll turn out nice, who can refuse a bit of LHOTP? :) xx