April 22, 2011

freshly cut grass.

happy good friday afternoon! hope this finds you all well with tummies full of chocolate and spending the day doing what you love. i've had a fast paced but lovely week, baking, baby shopping, dinnering with an old friend and cutting up vintage fabric. not bad, huh? i've got chocolate eggs in the fridge (thanks lib), moby on the stereo and a beautifully kept garden staring back at me in this beautiful sunshine. it's been a while since my large garden has been tended to. finally yesterday a wonderful man called chris spent 7 hours making it beautiful. i'm so grateful. #28 is now surely up there for the prettiest block on flower st. i have also been blessed with a couple more babies in my life, thanks to two of my most favourite girls, barbara and libby. i used to live with libby and she is now in the navy, based in melbourne. she is due in september and i cannot wait to be a part of her and her little one's life. so exciting. barbara, my beautiful goma girl is due in only 6 weeks or so! we had a little baby shower for her at work yesterday, very pretty and pretty tasty. i will miss her so much but i know she is ready for the next step in her life. cannot wait to snuggle baby leo. i also cannot express just how much i enjoy shopping for babies...what is it about tiny clothes? i look forward to seeing him in his little stretchy striped bonds pants. eep! here are a few photos from my week. a couple of oppy finds thrown in for good measure. happy long weekend all. i'm back to work monday but who doesn't enjoy a few extra bank holiday $$$ in their pocket? love.

barbara's baby shower set up. butterscotch cupcakes made an appearance.

raspberry spiked brownie is a must for growing babies.

could this good friday weather be any more perfect?

someone else is also enjoying the manicured lawn.

my easter treats. thank you libby!

a pretty oppy find. i'm a sucker for mother teacups.

2 wooden candle sticks & a new thermos that doubles as a vase. the collecting of items for my new exhibition has begun, woo!


Raine and Sage said...

It truly is a beautiful day weather wise. You've now got me craving Cadbury eggs and blue cupcakes.
Lovely cat in the grass shot!!

moose and bird said...

I hope you have an absolutely gorgeous Easter Laura....it sounds like your week has been a lovely one so far xo