May 18, 2011


i'm still here, promise. have been a busy little bee...working at both galleries, visiting a new mum and her beautiful baby (there was a baby photoshoot with kate and an afternoon of tea and scones), drinking lots and lots of tea, riding my bike to work, organising exhibition ideas, reworking my art displays at home (with a little help from lisa congdon) and sorting out lots of treats for the june rummage. with a sad little camera that won't turn on, i don't have any sweetness to offer in the way of pretty pictures. but do not fear, that is soon to change. i have a busy little weekend full of morning teas, wedding brownie orders, road trips to northern nsw, a hopefully fast tracked visit to ikea for studio furniture and some paint pot shopping at bunnings. photos to follow! picking up a copy of my heart wanders has also been the icing on this wednesday cake. you must know about pia, right? if not, head on over and have a peek, she is simply amazing and besties with the beautiful kylie johnson...who i also find to be just divine! my beautiful friend trudy introduced me to her work, thank you darling! i'll be popping the kettle on soon and heading to my vintage flannelette covered bed to soak up some of that loveliness. i want to spread the pia love already...being inspired is contagious! happy wednesday evening lovelies.

totally inspired by my favourite san francisco artist, lisa congdon, this week.

oh...i nearly forgot...i really want to build one of these!


morgan said...

My wee camera is also on the way out :( but I love that art work, yummy!

Kylie said...

Oh I love that tee-pee Laura.
Sounds like you've got lots of lovely things in store...have fun x

Hannah said...

I am keen to get Pia's book too, I have heard so much about it!
Although I hardly ever spend my money on books.. So i might just have to wait for my hold at the library to arrive..

Hope you get a new camera soon!

Trudy said...

It's such an amazing feeling being totally inspired. I've been tidying my art space tonight and just that makes me want to make more. It's been awhile between creating. Might be time for some journalling. Glitter bunting soon??

myheartbeats said...

I love that artwork :) There is always so many pretty things on your blog xx

Oh and it's 2 weeks till the boy arrives hurrah!

moose and bird said...

Your posts are always so inspiring Laura! I love everything about your wee blog! I must also say that I love your sister's work. Her photography is gorgeous. xoxo