May 10, 2011

love in the mail.

i do love writing letters and cards, especially to my mum who lives across the other side of the world. sometimes it's just to tell her i love her, or to recite a beautiful kylie johnson poem, even to discuss my life plans which change every day. the most beautiful thing about this, is that i receive just as much love in the mail from her. i get my love for handwritten mail from my mum, she always taught us the importance of receiving love notes in the mail and this is something i regret not doing enough of as a child. well i'm definately making up for it now. this also leads me to show you a few gifts that have arrived from mr ebay this week. even though it's me parting with my own moolah, it still feels exciting to open a package addressed to you. especially when it has the goodies below inside. all of these treats are part of my upcoming exhibition, and although i can be known for my frivolous ebay behaviour, there is a meaning and point to these purchases. a few weeks ago i purchased a charming book called 'handwritten letters to my mother', which i fell in love with at first glance. i sent it on it's merry way to america and it had the desired effect, she loves it. i love that we share such a beautiful sentiment like writing letters. i'm sure my mum doesn't know exactly how much she inspires me everyday. hanging out the washing will take me 15 minutes rather than 5, as i get distracted by the beautiful clouds....i often stop whilst bike riding to admire beautiful flowers and shadows...i'm guilty of waving hello to puppy dogs and my neighbours cat. this is all from her and i will forever be thankful for noticing the smaller, more beautiful things in life. pop over to hannah's blog, her latest post is just so enchanting and really hits a soft spot with me, boy that girl can photograph beauty. have a lovely week of enjoying the little things. x

my lovely old telephone. just like the one that hung in my childhood home. the showpiece of my display.

some gorgeous melmac platters. small and perfect in colour. anyone for a picnic?

some lovely flannelette pillowcases (a gift from my best friend's nan) and a dalmation s&p shaker set. they're tall and sleek and gorgeous. the dog version of these. and yes, my childhood dog was a dalmation called duke. love.


Missy Daisy said...

Love your blog :)

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

All gorgeous things! How great are Dalmations! My sister has a brown one, Sophie. It is soooo cute when she smiles.

Bungalowgirl said...

My Gram had those orange cats in her house when I was little - instantly reminds me of her whenever I see them. So curious about your exhibitions- are these clues unfolding each post? Mel:)

Hannah said...

Aw thanks for linking to me! I'm glad you liked the post that much.
I can't imagine living so far away from my mum, its lovely that you send eachother letters :)

That phone is gorgeous. I do love recieving internet pressies in the mail too! I got a little brooch from etsy in the mail today and the seller added lollies to the package! so cute.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Definitely nothing better than letters and parcels in the post. I got lovely mail today - a blog giveaway I'd won, and a little gift from someone who'd won one of my giveaways. And some buttons from Ebay. And I may have ordered a little jewellery treat for myself and a friend, so I have that to look forward to as well - yay!

Lovely writing about your mum x

REread said...

ohhh melmac - love that Australia retro plastic!

Bec said...

holy cow my Nanna used to have those dalmations in her salt and pepper shaker collection. Gorgeous pics!