July 23, 2011

billy buttons and happy trees.

could that possibly be the cutest name for a flower? they're like little round puff balls of yellow beauty and don't even require water. best $10.50 (wholesale...i've got connections) that i've ever spent on flowers. the happy little trees is of course a bob ross reference. if you haven't heard of this gentle nature loving artist, get aquainted asap, you'll never look at clouds or trees the same way ever again. my day started with some garage sale business as trudy and tom are selling their goodies before they head off to holland. that's right, my OTHER best friend is heading overseas too! thank goodness for my favourite little lady (the amazing florist and best snail mail writer and the little dark haired beauty in my photos) who is hanging in brisbane with me for a little while yet. i am a firm believer in loving something and letting it free, but i also believe heavily in spending all of my money on pre-loved goods over shopping for food...you work it out. picked up a few gems at trudy's and a quick trip to the wholesale florist meant eye candy and a few purchases for a florist and her friend. baking was on the menu this afternoon as i am hosting a cake party for some of my favourite gallery girls tomorrow. friands, brownie, teapot/cloud cookies and carrot cake whoopie pies were made. my beautiful sister popped by with her camera for a few snaps that i shall share soon. incredible does not sum up what i think of her talent. looking forward to showing you some whoopie pie making in action and floral apron modelling. i hope your saturday has been as lovely. tomorrow will be the sweetest sunday so far, so i'll be back monday with a recap of the delicious happenings. may even save you a cookie.

another floral tablecloth and more johnson plates are always appreciated.

a pretty new tea dress (that i'm wearing tomorrow) and beautiful turquoise lace blouse.

just a few ingredients (most of them, including 18 eggs, carried home on my bike) and setting up the food table. (billy buttons top left)

late night teapot cookie baking and etsy love from a tart who knows me too well.


VintageSweetheart said...

Love the look of that dress and blouse! I'm with you who needs food when you can have second hand goodies.

E :)

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Such lovely weather today for Garage sales and visiting the florist!And I must say it looks like a beautiful dress, we will ahve to see it modeled sometime? :)

I don't think I have seen a whoopie pie before, So I look forward to it, Hope your teaparty goes well.

Kylie said...

oh so that's where for all of those scenic painting you find stacked up in op-shops come from...I love that pic of Bob Ross...he certainly does look like one cool dude (the flickr person's words)
Pretty pics and a lovely weekend as usual Laura, your life sounds so nice...tea dresses and afternoon tea parties...how lovely.

naughtyshorts! said...

you are the loveliest - glad you are enjoying your weekend behavior... I just jumped on eBay and bought myself a teapot cookie cutter :)

Anonymous said...

oh I can't wait to see the whoopie pies. I am such a fan of them - seriously delicious. ps: love your blog!

Erica Louise said...

Gorgeous finds, how cute are your little teacup cookies!

karlyn Jackson said...

gorgeous florals you have going on there, love the plate.

Leah said...

Fantastic finds, beautiful post♥

Zara said...

That Johnson plate is just lovely.
I remember my Nan used to have Billy Buttons in a big dried flower display. They last so well, and I think Mum has them now, so thats around 10 years and still vibrant yellow in colour. x

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I'd like to wear that tea dress while serving cakes on that Johnson plate. Beautiful!