August 28, 2011

'home beautiful'

oh what a night. after a mini (really quite big) meltdown at around 1pm yesterday, needles and cotton EVERYWHERE, a wonderful helper/sister working her magic with the food platters and dressed head to toe in vintage floral....i was off to the exhibition opening. the absolutely diabolical weather meant getting a cab was hilarious but i was saved and arrived at the gallery dry and happy. it was already pumping around 5.30 with lots of beautiful faces in attendance. i hung my last two works on the wall (that's the charm in me) and grabbed myself a wine (priorities.) works were sold (3 of mine), bought (an amazing screenprint on vintage floral was purchased for moi) and a commission was ordered. after 3 or so weeks of working through the night (fyi: cross stitching takes, ummm, FOREVER!) eating the most ridiculous amount of chocolate and cranking up around 4 hours sleep a night....i was ready to party. for now, i'll share some pics of my setup (a small selection of works are shown below, more to come) photos will follow in a few days. pottering about being my social self and sorting food platters, wine replenishment and sales meant i didn't take a single photo. with kate to the rescue i should have a few beauties to show you soon. i am incredibly in awe of my fellow artists and their talents. it was such a wonderful showcase of different mediums and everyone really put their heart & soul into their works, and it showed. so proud of all the hard work that went into getting this beauty off the ground. i'm already working on some lino cuts, new cross stitches and some gorgeous little collages, so please check in soon for more arty goodness. if you're keen to check out the show, i will post details for you below. i have had the most glorious sunday...a huge sleep-in, mugs of coffee, 2 loads of washing, super duper sunshine and a house clean have done wonders for me. i look forward to hearing what you've been up to. thank you for all of your support over the last few weeks, it's extra special when i get words of wisdom and loveliness from people i haven't even met. thank you to those who came and supported me, those who couldn't be there were thought of and missed. i'll sign off with my sunday love and a little pearl of wisdom....if you haven't already got yourself a naughty shorts creation, i suggest you get onto it, pronto! (i have never received so many compliments from a dress was totally the star of the show last night) expect a bit more from this dress very soon as i am about to collaborate with two of my most favourite creative ladies...details soon! xx

before & after. my collective entitled 'home beautiful'.

the finished product and detail of added loveliness.

'plenty of fish in the sea' (sold) & 'stay as sweet'.

'in the madness, there is love' (sold) (note the ampersand stamp briar!)

(left) 'tea at 28' (top right) 'such high hopes' (bottom right) 'men, milk glass & moustaches'

'tea and tarts' & 'charles didn't have the heart to tell her he didn't much care for bunting' (sold)

'cake'o'clock' & 'nothing gold can stay'


'Home Beautiful' 2011


vintage fabric, wallpaper, plastic, acrylic paint, aida cloth, metal, embroidery cottons, and felt on canvas/wood.

Artwork statement:

'Home beautiful' is my latest collection of work that summarises and celebrates the treasures I have collected, treats I have baked, and the people I love the most. The idea of falling in love, my constant need to decorate my home with opshopped treasures and the importance of my family and closest friendships, are some of the beautiful things that inspire me to create art. I am incredibly sentimental and my opshopping adventures allow me to collect and collate objects that I reinterpret with my own memories and relationships. My two grandmothers play an integral part in my personal expression, whether it be baking on a Sunday afternoon or cross stitching and cutting up floral fabric into the early hours of the morning. My artworks are storyboards which explore these feelings and past memories that I constantly wish to remember and represent. Craft has always played large part in my artistic expression and my latest works are a testament to the hours spent as a young girl watching and learning from my grandmothers. Little do Kit & Nancy know that they are what inspire my thrifting adventures where I spend hours sifting through mothballed fabrics to my love of baking where entire afternoons are spent pottering in the kitchen and icing benchfuls of cupcakes. This thrifty/baking behaviour is showcased on my blog (kit & nancy) where weekly goings on and adventures are documented and shared. I enjoy surrounding myself with and collecting objects from the 70's era, where large bright and floral patterns enrich everyday home life.

all works from the 21 fabulous brisbane based artists can be seen until wed 31st august at
circle gallery, 274 montague road (upstairs)
west end, brisbane.

gallery hours vary but 10-4pm most days.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Awesomely beautiful. LOVE it! Especially the His and Her cross stitch piece. Gorgeous work...all worth it :)

Sophie Isobel said...

WOW! You are one amazing and inspiring woman! I love it all and have a serious soft spot for the His and Hers piece!
Sophie x

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Well done!! it would have felt so amazing to have it all come together!
My faves are definitely the his and hers, and the Charles and bunting one :) haha, absolutely adorable.

I have been admiring Naughty Shorts dresses since I saw them in Frankie mag earlier this year! But never have bought myself one.

Cupcake Couture said...

I love your work - truly inspired.
Just blogged about it! x

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Gorgeous! I'm so glad you got to use the stamp too. Wow, are you clever!

naughtyshorts! said...

Hi gorgeous lady!! Can't tell you how chuffed I was to see that you decided to wear your naughty frock on such a special occasion. Congrats on the sales. I wish so much that I could have been there. Your work looks so beautiful!!! Mwah!

VintageSweetheart said...

I'm so glad it came all together! It looks absolutley beautiful and now you can go to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm glad your dress was a hit everybody love vintage floral.

E :)

Sarah-Jayne said...

You, my wonderful friend are completely inspiring and amazing. Look at what you've achieved and such beauty! I love your little set up with the teapot and light and table, could it be more you?!

I like tea at 28 and tea and tarts of course :)

Your minute sentence about those not being able to be there being missed made me tear up. You are so driven and amazing, nothing stops you. You're a powerforce Rhoda and I love it.

Congratulations my darling, so wish I could've been there it looks very beautiful. You looked fabulous too!

Love you very much. Mary xo

Miss E said...

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement. I absolutely adore your work, so unique. x

Katyha said...

how wonderful it went so well and that you were finally able to catch up a little on your sleep & got a little sunshine to restore you. Gorgeous creations...can't wait to see your new designs ;)

Chrissie en Heidi said...

So, so beautifull!! Love your work!!

Happy weekend!

Trudy Florence said...

I am soooo proud of you!!! Love Tea and Tarts of course :) they are all amaying,I'm so sad I can't see all the details up close.

You inspire me so much!! Cant wait to get art making again.

Love the dress and the heels! You are beautiful. Know that I love you very much. xxx

green tea and red nails said...

um... you are amazing, awesome and fabulous! all of your hard work has definitely paid off... good on you!

will try to pop in to the gallery before it finishes... not sure how i will go with work but will try my very hardest!

Good on you lovely girl! now go and relax :)

Kel x

Bungalowgirl said...

Congratulations, what a gorgeous collection. My faves are Charles and the bunting, and ALL your cross stitch. Completely worth you going cross eyed in the process. Wonderful that you have sold several already. The wallpaper is brilliant as a backdrop to tie it all together. melx

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This all looks wonderful!

picklebug said...

Love love love your work! Amazing, no wonder you sold a few pieces! Well done, be very proud!
Rach x

DuckEggBlue said...

These are wonderful, well done the work and effort you put in shows. I love your colours, It's also great to see all of your passions included here, I think it's brilliant!