September 4, 2011

project: father's day

i woke to a beautiful spring sunday morning, perfect for a little rummaging and dad appreciating. although it isn't quite aussie father's day in the US yet, i thought it very much appropriate to celebrate my dad wherever i went. (literally, i carried this cardboard heart with me to rummage and back) he ate breakfast with me, helped tape up a leaky pipe until the r'estate can get a plumber onto it, drank several mugs of tea whilst perusing a few blogs, ate sushi and drank a frappuccino with me, watched over my rummage finds whilst i photographed them and is going out to dinner with his two eldest daughters tonight (our treat dad.) Also, we sang loudly and incredibly out of tune to fleetwood mac & level 42 as we drove over the story bridge. i am much many things have been put into perspective and i have to realise that after a few crazy weeks, i am going to feel a little lower than usual (crazy hormones won't help either!)..but i'm healthy and i'm alive! can't ask for more than that. i am still looking for my nanny kit's ring (that i never take off), and it is frustrating me to no end wondering where it could be. i managed to split a plastic water pipe (it's 50 years old anyway) whilst trying (unsuccessfully) to move the bathroom vanity to look for it. dang. not the end of the world though, this week is going to be sooooo much better. here are a few photos from my day and a few treats i picked up (and was given) at rummage today. much quieter than usual and kimberley had beautiful treats as always. it's always nice to see her and the lovely amy. thanks girls for raising my spirits and spoiling me with treats. have a wonderful rest of the day please, this week is gonna kick last week's ass. xx

hey dad...want a cuppa? or perhaps a coffee frappuccino?

keep an eye on those fabulous finds dad. ps. i love you.

my beautiful birthday present from kimberley!

she's the new little sister to my beautiful tangerine kitchenaid, perfection!

a mountain painting for the collection.

no rummage is complete without a staffordshire purchase.

check this delicious turquoise cushion...front and back.

this little number was an absolute steal and perfect for wandering the hawaiian markets.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Your so sweet! What lovely finds I love the cup and that bag!

E :)

Anonymous said...

What cool things! I love the cup too.

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I didn't realise you had lost your grandmother's ring! I hope you find it soon.

Fleetwood Mac and driving across the Story Bridge sounds like an awesome combo. Amazing band, and amazingly cool bridge :)

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love all your vintage lovelies, that orange mixer steals the show!

Jayne said...

I'm loving all your finds! How gorgeous is that mountain painting?! Good to hear you're looking on the bright side- I guess everyone has their ups and downs in life. Hope you find your nanny kit's ring eventually!

t said...

Nice stuff!