September 3, 2011

hey dad.

i'd like to introduce you to Terence Charles, or as we like to call him...

tel, dad, daddy cool, terrace, mf, terry, T.

he's a lover not a fighter.

he taught me how to drive.

he thrifts AND he bakes (hello homemade sausage rolls)

he makes my mum very happy.

he's our biggest fan.

he's silly and funny (so funny that even he laughs at his own jokes)

for a brit, he's at home at the beach.

hello to the best barbeque'er, ever.

he's so cool....check those boots!

he doesn't let his awesomeness go to his head.

he knows how to enjoy the simple things.

he has the most loyal best friend, ever.

gardener by day, art critic by night.

like father like daughter. (he poses for silly photographs because he knows how much i love moustaches)

this man has taught me every trick of the trade and just what it means to be loved. just like his dad, charlie, he's the most generous, supportive, loving man i have ever known.

happy father's day dad. i appreciate everything you do for your girls, everyday and
i love you beyond measure.



Rebecca said...

OH MY GOD WOMAN this gave me the goosebumps! I didn't want this post to end! Your dad sounds just like mine :)

sarah said...

Your Dad sounds awesome! I like the picture in the car because (not knowing the context of the photo) it looks as though you are all pumped to be driving and he is quietly nervous.

Louise said...

Made me cry!!!What a great relationship you must have!! xoxo

Nelly said...

You lucky,lucky girl

Kylie said...

So this is the wonderfulness you measure all other men against???
Pretty amazing yardstick Miss Laura.

moose and bird said...

What a character your Dad must be.....Dad's are just so special aren't they? Counting down the days with you until you see him in Hawaii. Wahoooooo! xoxo

DuckEggBlue said...

I love the way you honoured your Dad today,he sounds fantastic. The other post with the heart is just too sweet, I bet he is chuffed I think he's a lucky Dad.

Jayne said...

How very sweet :) What lovely words and pics- your dad sounds very cool ;)