September 3, 2011

secret stash.

i'll tell you a secret. today wasn't a very good day. tomorrow will be better though. i like to keep the positive energy up on this blog, even when i feel like a whinge or a tear. today is going to be a teeny tiny exception...but will be balanced with some eye candy and lots of lovey vibes. i have been completely out of whack this week. an infection, tears and plans of change have spiralled with exhaustion to create a whirlwind that i've really not enjoyed being caught in. came to a climax today with a cracking headache and a cry to my dad. he always knows exactly what to say and how to say it....seeing his handsome face on skype just made me even more sad! i am sad that i won't be spending fathers day with him tomorrow...he is the best man in my life and i want to celebrate him, everyday. i have a little something special (in blog form) planned for tomorrow whilst i am out and about wandering suitcase rummage. my head is bubbling with new ideas for artworks...i have even started work on a 7000 piece puzzle (see post below) as i had one of those early morning epiphany's that got me scribbling on an old receipt with a blunt faber castell found whilst fumbling the dust bunnies under my bed. it's going to be a goody! it is also only 26 days until can i be complaining i hear you say? i know, i know. the sentimental creature that i am is also an impatient creature that simply cannot wait 26 days to see her mum and dad. i have some new ideas that involve a sewing machine and my fabrics (finally a project i think i can undertake and not get bored of and all it's complexity!) and a new brekkie cookie recipe that i am dying to try out. i've never been a cereal & milk kinda girl so these 'healthyish' cookies look a treat. joy the baker to the rescue. i am planning on leaving the flower house in a few months so a lot has to be done/sold/packed/rummaged before i go. no plans to leave sunny brisbane just yet but i am in dire need to save some $$$$ for my europe venture mid next year so hopefully everything will fall into place. i've posted a pic of amanda's gorgeous couch as it's so close to being a body double of the beloved couch that my bestie and i purchased a few years back when we first moved out of home. (i squealed when i first saw it in amanda's feature in 'spaces') it will be one of the pre-loved items that i will regrettably sell when the time comes. i also did a little pre-birthday shopping (with vintage pillowcases at $4 a pop...who could resist) over at smile & wave and i'm already so excited for my parcel to arrive. it's the simple things i tell you. anyway my loves, thank you for listening to my rants and googling at my eye candy. i will be back tomorrow with a special post. wishing you all a happy fathers day...wherever your dad may be. xx

rachel heard my calls for more vintage linen.

joy's gorgeous photos and scrumptious recipes.

the couch double over at one of my favourite's.

*update* - just busted a water pipe in the bathroom trying to look for my nanny's missing ring. off to bed...can't be dealing with anymore that saturday has to offer.


Louise said...

Hey Laura..hope you're not too sad tonite and can relax and rest. Have a good day tomorrow with whatever you end up doing..and anyway... we are allowed to be sad when we need to ...xoxoxo

Bungalowgirl said...

It's glorious glorious spring weather. This is absolutely not the time for headaches and tears. Postpone and reschedule for sometime in December when it's stinking hot and muggy. Sell up a storm at rummage and chat your woes away. melx

Nelly said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon.

moose and bird said...

Oh Laura, sending big vintage hugs your way! You definitely don't deserve a headache and tears but sometimes a good cry reinvigorates and clears your mind! Hope you're feeling better soon lovely lady xo

Trudy said...

Hope you are feelig better my love. About to call my dad and I know how you feel. Being so far from the ones you love can be hard. Hawaii will be here befre you know it. I love you lots xxxx

Zara said...

I hope today brings a better day for you. Smile. x