September 10, 2011

treasure island.

ok. time to get your eyes ready for some serious eye candy. i will say only two things (yeah, right).....1. i didn't pay more than $45 for everything you see below (so saving $$$ is still on track!) 2. a few of these lovely treasures will be available at the december rummage, hooray! i plan on making up a few gift packs for christmas (of the vintage variety) inspired by the gorgeous kellie. there will be some picnic love, some afternoon tea baskets and some lovely linens to decorate your home with. i've had an equally beautiful breezy brisbane saturday...brunching with some favourites at D&D and like always, they didn't disappoint. driftwood blend, peanut butter whoopies, sandwiches and sunshine made for a delightful morning. the whole sweet deal was captured by kate so photos will be showcased later in the week. baby snuggles were icing on the cake. last night i cocktailed my way after dinner to gertie's, laughing so much and and falling more in love with my nearest and dearest (had nothing to do with the alcohol consumed.) so now i've shared a couple of things i'm off to do some chores and admire my growing mountain art collection. the dishes can wait. i'll be back tomorrow with a special post but i hope this finds you enjoying your weekend and basking in this beautiful sunshine. hello spring!

'rose glow' by olga west, 1981.

3 divine aprons. keeping the one on the left, the other 2 will make it to rummage.

the most beautiful large round floral tablecloth i've ever unearthed. perfect.

a large mountain print from an original watercolour that was dated 1878. it's moody, delicious and now the centrepiece of my mountain arrangement.

i'm in love.

who can resist johnson crockery..and for 30c for two....i'm there.

a little bit of kitsch goes a long way.

some melmac loving. they will be part of a picnic set for rummage.

i love a good oil painting and this book is full of retro forest works!

remember this guy? well these 5 cuties will join him in a 'woodland teaparty' collective, available at december rummage.

a collection of retro greeting out for the postie!

i found all kinds of fantastic pillowcases!

3 spring floral pillowcases, all bright and beautiful and some mustard and grey square linen for the boys.

i found a gorgeous (and large) teacup watercolour print and fell in love. i'll be reframing it in a smaller, cuter frame. finding cloud fabric is always a treat!

a perfect rectangular mustard tablecloth and matching dulux to paint frames, canvases etc with. it's all about the mustard!

a lovely orange check embroidered tablecloth and leafy barkcloth. yum!

ummm, yes...this is indeed an ET single doona cover in mint condition. (sold)

i'm a sucker for 'mother' plates. love you mum!

couldn't resist showing you a gorgeous birthday present (a kylie johnson cloud brooch) and a sneak peek of the colour palette that is adorning my latest canvases and cross stitches!


itsanaddiction said...

Fantastic finds, you have been busy :) I also went op shopping today, and don't you agree that photographing and blogging about your finds makes them even MORE special!?

Vintage Sweetheart said...

WOW you did amazing this week! Everything is awesome especially that watercolour print and the ET quilt cover! I never find vintage greeting cards they are so pretty.

E :)

Kathryn said...

You always find the most wonderful goodies!

Zara said...

Your Saturday brunch sounds delicious. And all those lovely finds.. Makes for a fantastic day.
Those Johnson
And the little vintage birds nest cards are adorable.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. x

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh I adore your eye! What incredible finds... I'm seriously loving that ET quilt. You know where to come if you ever want to sell it. That's my son Luke's favourite movie (thanks to it being mine). Drew Barrymore is to die for. So cute. Pxx

Hello Vintage said...

Oh my goodness!! There is so much there to look at, you did really well!! I often see do you call them? The reindeer wall thingo you have there. I never know if I should buy them or not. Thinking I should get them if they are really cheap and put them away. My favs would be the table cloth, the first painting and and aprons. Yum!

zigsma said...

Oh my! I can't think of anything to say! Such gorgeousness.

CurlyPops said...

Oh my goodness what an amazing haul - but that tableclith is op shop GOLD!

Megan said...

Oh I love, love those aprons! great finds.

Sophie Isobel said...

Oh my! You have out done yourself this week my dear! Amazing finds, I'm not even sure what to begin swooning over first! The table cloth is so beautiful and I just love the tea sup collection too.
Sophie x

sue said...

Lovely lovely treasures - you have a great eye for colour and pattern!

Jem said...

Wow!! What a gorgeous haul of goodies. I'm totally envious of the teacup watercolour but everything you've found is great!

Jem xXx

beckyp said...

such great finds I love the table cloth and aprons

Lea said...

so many lovelies...goodness I adore the tablecloth too, would love to get my hands on a balloon pillowcase. perfect! The bird fabric is another fave. Great thrifting as always.

Cathy said...

Bark cloth!!!! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

So many fabulous finds! I love the pillow cases and art.

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

the woodland teaparty sounds awesome! almost just because of the teapot.
I have always loved those ceramic cloud brooches!

amazing finds, as always!

Bungalowgirl said...

Firstly loving your colour palette selection, you know how I feel about mustard. Secondly that rose painting is gorgeous and all the fabric is well just fab. melx

Mary @ So Eclectic said...

These are such great finds! You've got a good eye!

one denim bird said...

Hi there, gosh it was so lovely to find your have a seriously good eye for lovely treasured finds. I am totally digging those retro fabrics, the 70's cups, the paintings, the table cloth, the cards...........need I say more.

I must be your latest follower! Yippie


Cara-Mia said...

Oh wow, great finds!! Love it all. Pretty birthday gift. ;)