October 19, 2011


more often than not, when invited to dinner, a guest will show his/her appreciation by taking the host a little present (in my case it was brownie.) so when i went and visited the queen of vintage at her lovely new home (jam packed with vintage loveliness, and that's only the garage), i walked away with a box full of treats. not any old box of treats, they were hand picked morsels of marvellousness (that's a word.) no dollars were exchanged, but a couple of my latest artworks. best gift transaction, ever! not only does kimberley know how much i love johnson ware (hello nanna memories and crockery i want to fill my future cakeshop with), but she is up there with the few people that reeeaaaallllyyy know/understand just what a glimpse of vintage floral does to my 'pre-loved adoring' heart. pillowcases, bed sheet, cushion covers, check!....johnson plates, teacup, cake plate, dinner plate check...fabulous japanese teaparty set? check! although i am in a culling phase of my life (go ahead, laugh), i know a good treasure when i see it. this leads me to explain that as of mid january, i will be living in the fore-mentioned vintage abode to buckle down and save some $$$. i won't have a little house to myself anymore and as much room to store my pre-loved goodies....so my favourites will have to be packed away, and the rest...hello november yard sale! i'm also hoping that kimberley's 'museum' will allow me to appreciate vintage goodness without feeling the need to go out and buy more. (i'll leave that to her!) i'm very excited for this move to vintage wonderland, even if it does mean hefty travel time to work and learning to share a bathroom again. change is only for the good and better for the bank balance. if you don't already know about kimberley, her blog, or facebook page (which shows recent finds for sale!) then hurry up and head on over there. this woman has an incredible talent for finding objects that are not only beautiful to the eye, but are accompanied by an even more charming history. i can see many a late night chat, discussing her latest typewriter find or how she unearthed a box of vintage wallpaper at a lovely old lady's estate sale. if you need me, you know where i'll be.


a cute tea set for sunday afternoon gatherings.

have always loved this design since seeing it over at sophie's.

johnson rose love.

this beauty doesn't need explaining.

more johnson floral love.

flowers & lovehearts on my pillow!

mint green johnson set.

floral bed sheet and cushion covers, love!

last little snippet of johnson ware and a token grandmother plate.


Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Either you and your friends obviously live on the vintagey-floral-filled side of Brisbane.. Or you and your friends always raid the op-shops near me to grab all these wonderful things before I get the chance!
Haha.. I have never seen such an abundance of lovely florals on the northside.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Woo you have very good friends! I love those cushion covers.

Sarah-Jayne said...

those cushion covers and pink/orange tablecloth (or whatever it is) are divine!!!

you are doing the right thing, I can feel it.

Love you and your endless support and love for vintage. xoxox

green tea and red nails said...

oh so pretty! moving is exciting... especially if it is all done in the name of more awesome adventures! woohoo!

i am super psyched for your garage sale! do you have any outdoor(ish) furniture? im currently looking for something lovely to sit on my deck...

love your work :)

p.s - no rummage on saturday??

Ms.K said...

What finds! I bought two out of three of my beauties from Kimberley at the last Suitcase Rummage....had to try very hard not to buy so much more. A change is as good as a holiday!

Zara said...

Oh gosh, you have one lovely friend there. I havent seen the purple/pink flower Johnson plate before.
and the mint green set is just perfect. x

Nelly said...

Lots of lovely love going on in that lot!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Johnson ware, I picked up two lovelies today.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love all the fabrics, especially the one that needs no explanation. Please let me know if you are selling fabrics in your garage sale as I would be super keen. melx

amy said...

I love everything. If only a had a friend, or beau who'd find me these gems. I love all of the colors!

congrats on the beautiful blog!

hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

trishie said...

Loving the johnson wares....must go and goggle to find out more!

Hello Vintage said...

Oh, love the mint green set. Gorgeous things there!