November 23, 2011

simple pleasures.

a few of my latest thrifted treasures. i'll let pia speak for me today. she can say it better than i ever could. turns out things are a little harder than i first thought. time to get back on the road again. in other news, can someone please cancel my etsy account? how many christmas presents is one girl allowed?

boxes of memories piled up around me.
lidded crates filled with found fabrics,
time worn
clusters of timber furniture.
i just look and let the memories
sweep me away,
turning past to present.

floral pillowcase and teacosy love.

could these dinner plates be any more beautiful? so bright and too cheap to pass up.

uncovered this little gem behind a collection of damaged frames. my little ballerinas!

the colours!

her pose and eyes!

a floral sheet never gets passed up.

a little bessemer cutie.

lilac pillowcase love.

i want to take it all with me.
i want to surround myself with my things.

but there is no space in my suitcase.
and anyway,
there is no time to linger here,
in the past,
which will one day find itself
in my future.

i know that.

the sun hits the tin roof.
it sings ping ping.
no lights needed here,
the sunshine penetrates even the
darkest rooms in my heart.

i touch things to let them know i care.

beautiful words courtesy of my heart wanders.


Katie Mitchell Photography said...

I love this. I FINALLY went through that box of old photos I keep tripping over and sorted through them. Throwing a lot out, but still keeping lots of memories. It feels good to move on. Love you Xx

Milo and Mitzy said...

Adore that plate! Want want want it in my hot little hands now. Have a great day. Amy x

Zara said...

Oh wow, you got so many great treasures. The ballerinas are so very pretty and those vintage linens are lovely. x

Nelly said...

Let me know if you are going to sell the gorgeous girls and how much Love it

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

I have read Pia's book. I found it so beautiful and inspiring, and I loved how well complimented it was by the photographs.

Trudy Florence said...

Reading her book while I was packing up and getting rid of so many things really helped. Memories mean more than possessions. You will be so glad that you are moving on and experiencing new adventures. Creative types like us find it so hard to say goodbye to possessions, they mean so much and have so many connections and uses. Love you lots lovely.

Lover of Vintage said...

Love the ballerina pictures, so cute, what a find!

Jayne said...

I always love seeing your latest thrifted finds :) The ballerina picture is gorgeous, you should definitely keep it! Their faces remind me of the Olsen twins :D

ingrid said...

Put me in line for those ballerinas as well lease! They are just darling.
You always find such lovely treasures.

morgan said...

those ballerinas! i have no words!!!
...except that we can party qag style tomorrow for the first time on 4 months!!!! miss your face xx

Sophie Isobel said...

Just realised we found the same bessemer design! How crazy, I've never even seen it before. Thrifting twins.
Sophie x