December 3, 2011

tis the season.

to be blessed. because ladies & gents, i am one lucky mf. i don't want to break blog etiquette with that kinda language but since hearing emily say shit on her blog a while back i thought it may just be ok. that's not the point though, but just how lucky i am, is. this week has been a long one. adding some overtime into the mix seemed like a great idea for the added $$ at the beginning of the week but by the time friday came about, i was suffering from friday sickness rather than fever and just wishing for it to be over. i'd even lost my instagram mojo (for all of 15 minutes, but still) and the bubble of the lovely weekend i had planned just seemed to burst, right there in gallery 12 around 3pm underneath nolan's mrs fraser. boo freakin hoo. so i put my sorry arse on the 204 and stopped off at coles to buy the essentials. quality street chocolates (christmas in a tin), yorkshire pudding mix and the december issue of country style.

mood had begun to lift (helped a bit by the smell that was emminating from the chocolate tin) so i wandered home and stumbled across a little pop up shop, right there, smack bang in the middle of my neighbourhood. screaming footy/cricket/whatever fans aside that were bustling about the place...i had uncovered a treasure and so i stepped inside. australian flora and fauna, fabrics and christmas decorations, vintage signs and letters, napery, vintage stationary essentials and even a moustache on a mug were to be found inside. i walked away with a couple of pressies but knew a quick once over wasn't going to be enough. arriving home in darkness and to an unlocked gate (this always means the postie/courier has come), i squealed at the sight of TWO parcels awaiting me. vintage floral found on etsy in one and a love package from mama in the other. a truly perfect end to a rather abnormally average friday.

the first saturday treasure hunt stop for kimberley, amy and i was returning to the pop up shop. in i went, girls in tow to show off the treasure i'd found the night before. more goodies purchased and off we went to my lovely local oppy and where many finds over time had been uncovered with my two best friends (who are currently living their dream lives in europe). the 20c price tags aren't the only thing that keep me coming back. the ladies who volunteer there are completely charming. a few giggles about me not quite fitting into the mini powder blue smocked purchase were exchanged and then we were off to apples for brunch. avocado on organic sourdough which rested upon retro melmac was the icing on the morning's treasure hunting cake. the opportunity to catch up with the gorgeous owners (hi kim, if you're reading this in your car) and the chat of possibly becoming the new owner of their johnson mug collection, was delightful.

since having my iphone and falling completely head over heels in love with instagram and it's 1977 effect awesomeness, i am able to capture the simple beauty that surrounds me, everyday, everywhere. it didn't take an iphone for me to work that out, but it makes capturing it and sharing it so much more fun. so, i come to my photos from the week. i've compiled a 'few' collages for you to gaze upon and for those of you following me on instagram, thank you, thank you and thank you. your feedback has been lovely and i am completely inspired by your happy places too. your comments on here and on the gram mean a whole lot to me and always have, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. you make me want to explore more corners and delve deeper into the beautiful life that i lead. and yes, my life is completely beautiful and i feel so blessed to be living it, for having you in it and to be driven to move forward and discover more of it. i am a very lucky girl and i thank you for coming along for the ride. i'll be back tomorrow with some snippets of my afternoon pottering about the rummage and general sunday behaviour. happy weekend all!

my saturday.

my week's florals.

my hood.

my gallery.

my christmas!

my other gallery.

my baking.

my thrifted finds.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is exactly why I love following you on instagram... so much loveliness right there!

Trudy Florence said...

This is what I'm talking about. This post was perfect. So you and so lovely to read. Love you so much. xxx

Naughty shorts! said...


Chrissie en Heidi said...

Love allll your pictures! Amazing!

Happy Weekend!

Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Heart all your photos :)

Glad your Friday picked up!!

moose and bird said...

Hey Lovely Lady. What a beautiful life you have, you are such an inspiration and I love coming along for the ride. Have a sweet, crazy Sunday x

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Such a gorgeous selection of photos! Love the colours, especially in 'My Saturday'. Clever!

Zara said...

Love all these photos. The florals look oh so sweet.
And your kitchenaid, I'm hoping for one for christmas in 'Raspberry Ice'.
Wishing you a lovely week. x

jody said...

love those photos and love instagram too! how good is it!? xx

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

love you life, love instagram and love the f word.

xo em

p.s im instagramming on the blog tonight.