February 26, 2012


hey gang, happy sunday! hope this finds you well and enjoying a bit of sunshine wherever you may be. the sun is playing games with us today, which my washing and i don't much care for. everything has to be packed up and ready to rock by tomorrow at 8am. that's right ladies and gentlemen...moving day is tomorrow! the past 6 weeks has felt like one big dream. i am craving some normality, a clear head, a healthier outlook and just getting my things unpacked so i can play...i mean...display...i mean use it all! for those of you on instagram i apologise (only a little as i know you'll secretly love it) in advance for the amount of photos of the new house/arrangements/pretty things/collections/more pretty things that you will be subjected to in the coming days. the reality is that i'm nervous too. after settling down for what will be 6 weeks of having clothes in washing baskets, passports and important documents who-knows-where and my johnson collection alllll packed up and outta sight, i'm just about over it. leaving nomadville means i will finally be able to unpack and release my creativity. my roomie and i both having our own studio space in the house will be invaluable and i cannot wait to take you on some room tours (apartment therapy i love you.) i am looking forward to weekends of creative freedom, trying out new recipes, riding my bike around my pretty new neighbourhood and having plenty of afternoon tea behaviour with my favourites. thank you for reading and supporting me along the way you beautiful, beautiful people.

L is for love, and laura and lunch. better get onto that.

oh and lemon meringue pie. devoured yesterday whilst enjoying afternoon tea with my lovelies.

hey paris, you beautiful thing. see you in june, and in my dreams.

a midweek treat.

rediscovering thrifted barkcloth from back in the day. love.

saturday morning thrifty behaviour. finds on the blog later.


Rachel said...

I'm looking forward to all the pics of your new place & all your pretty things! A studio space too: that is just wonderful.

humble habit said...

I am so looking forward to your upcoming photos, especially ones of your studio space. happy moving tomorrow :)

Trudy said...

So jealous of studio space. I have a kitchen table that doubles as a desk ;) Looking forward to all these photos! xx

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

oh your trip to Paris will be so wonderful! And I adore that barkcloth you picked up -such an interesting pattern.

Good Luck moving in to your new place!

green tea and red nails said...

ohhh happy moving lovely lady!!

no worries about the sheet swap and we will miss you at rummage! boo!

Have a great week - Kel xx

p.s - im almost sure that we will be in paris at the same time. what dates will you be there from? xx