February 19, 2012

on ya bike.

why helloooo there. it feels like forever since i touched base with you guys. i must admit i've been cheating on blogger with a little well known new trend called instagram. but let's save that for another post. (tomorrow!) i hope this finds you well on this rather balmy sunday evening. i have a zucchini slice in the oven, i've just finished packing some of my latest thrifty finds away for my impending move (in 7 days!!!) and i'm dreaming up cupcake designs for my housewarming. you know, the important stuff. it's been an ok week, the sun has stuck around which is always nice in what can only be described as monsoon season here in queensland. i've been on some thrifty adventures, beat the sickness and am back on the road/bike again heading to some rather fabulous places. as mentioned before, i move into my beautiful floral mansion in 7 days...something i almost forgot about during my bout of unwellness but oh boy are the excitement butterflies pounding in my belly right about now. the weekend started a little like this...yesterday has now been labelled the day that my partner in crime (aka my sister/photographer extraordinaire) and i decided to go on a 3 and a half hour bicycle adventure. there were bicycle baskets full of fresh fruit and veg, johnson teacups, burnt faces...arms..chests, floral sneakers, an amazing honey & nut slice devoured and a whooollleee lotta sweat (sorry, that's gross.) it was one of my most favourite adventures i've had with her. a journey that we'd planned to last a couple of hours turned into a trip around town with baskets full of goodies. this obviously left us with very little energy (and sunstroke!) for the afternoon but i soldiered on, heading to the real estate to sign some papers and oh yeah, pop by a favourite oppy. she didn't disapoint. i've been in transition for what will be six weeks this sunday and although i have enjoyed the change of scenery, i am yearning to get into my new place and unpack. the opshopping behaviour has gone into overdrive (probably due to the fact that everything i own is in boxes and i need a daily view of beautiful florally things, which i'm clearly not getting)...here steps in the weekly opshop jaunt. oops. sorry mr bank account. there's a smile on my dial and really, that's all that matters. today was a lazy sunday to begin with but ended with an officeworks visit (due to the need for more plastic storage tubs to contain said opshopped treats), afternoon tea at a favourite spot with kate and a mega cleanup/copenhagen trip planning/zucchini slice making/fabric photo taking/inside out reading kinda afternoon. a lovely sunday. now, i'm off to read your stories. xx

on my bike, the amazing nut & honey slice, lots of pretty bikes, kate.

the johnson delight picked up at the markets, floral flour sifter, my favourite johnson pattern, westminster love.
a new johnson pattern, roses on dinner plates, apple green suitcase find, dress to wear in paris.

unearthed this treasure (from my collection) that will hang in my new bedroom.

this afternoon's treat fest. perfect.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

SO many gorgeous pieces! I love the suitcase and the dress for Paris. x

Kylie said...

That newly found Johnson pattern is a beauty Laura, love the minty suitcase too. Can't wait to see some pics of the Floral Mansion!

Bungalowgirl said...

Your bike adventures sound great (except I know what a stinking hot day you were riding in) - we have been out gardening and hosing ourselves. Love all those florals, especially the sifter and the colour of that suitcase. melx

Zane said...

beautiful bits and pieces, thanks for sharing

Liz said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the sifter.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jessica said...

Amazing! I am so jealous of your thrifty finds.

Zara said...

Oh this floral mansion sounds lovely.
Heaps of Johnson for you, you lucky thing.

Anonymous said...

Boy am I ever looking forward to pics of your new digs...can't wait to see how you style it and all :)
Love the Johnson..of course and that case is a beauty.

Steph said...

Oh the sifter...divine! And an apple green suitcase! C'est parfait! Wishing you a wondeful week of packing and pottering :) x

Madison said...

Love the vintage china. I have a soft spot for vintage china and the ones in this post are making my heart go pitter patter.

Madison xxx

Aida said...

Following your amazing blog, gorgeous!

thanks for the support.

wish all your dreams come true!