February 4, 2012

photo a day.

a big round of applause goes to our favourite sydney side mama for hosting such an inspiring everyday project. I stuck my teeth (and iphone) right into january's challenge and it soon became a topic of conversation wherever i went. as it's a hectic time for me (looking for a new house and having all of my fabrics and crafty bits in boxes) i haven't had the time to sit down and get creative like i know how. bring on an instagram challenge however, and i'm there. if you follow me, then you'll know i truly love and appreciate all of your comments and feedback...not forgetting the copious amounts of photos of everyones growing johnson crockery collection. yum-my! i've stumbled across a lot of lovely ladies on there and many familiar faces from the blog world (hi girls!) and it couldn't be more inspiring. chantelle, you can hold yourself accountable for this extra bit of love in the world. a february challenge i hear you cry? already underway..not too late to get on board. happy saturday all!

snippets from january.

february challenge!

and a sneak peek of a treat i picked up at the oppy during the week! back tomorrow with more finds.


Jayne said...

So many pretty shots :) Sounds like a fun challenge- although I'd soon run out of things to take photos of! Love the rose print :D

Zara said...

Ohh is it a cushion, or maybe curtains I wonder.
I hated having all my crafty bits and pieces in boxes, I taped and untaped those boxes so many times.