March 26, 2012

fresh finds.

happy monday all and hello monthly monday off! it's tainted a teeny bit by the sadness of mum and dad leaving. waving them goodbye this morning was a little heartbreaking, but knowing this is the last leg of their time in sf does comfort me. i thought i'd pop by with a few of last wednesday's finds that i picked up from one of my old time favourite opshops. so many memories of wandering the aisles with my bestie during uni when we should have been in rock art lectures. that place always delivers and i remember the joy of filling a basket with the then lesser known johnson and staffordshire potteries crockery. a little johnson find on wednesday sparked that memory and so did a few beautiful linen finds. my favourite of the day being a sanderson fabric cushion that is the EXACT same fabric as the couch suite in my childhood home. happy memories and a few squeals of excitement later and the treats were mine. i'm still waiting to hear back about my rummage registration but i am looking forward to sharing a few treats with you this sunday if all goes to plan. metre rolls of vintage wallpaper will be available for that day only so keep your eyes peeled. i hope you have a lovely week and that the sun is shining wherever you may be.

a new favourite mug of mine.

the sanderson cushion.

a pretty little pot.

a cute collection.

some johnson love (and a new mug design for me)

vintage floral, of course.

the linen stack complete with pink & mint winter blanket!


Michelle said...

Oh devine! I love the little pot but my fave would be the pink and mint blanket... Gosh I hate the heart tugging feeling when saying goodbye to special people... Cant wait to see your treats on Sunday and I hope you have a lovely week too :-)

Tracey said...

Nice finds! I found a new favourite op shop just near my home recently ... and can't wait to browse and buy some more goodies! :)

Liz said...

Love the fabric finds - wonderful florals! Great to find something that brings back lots of memories. Have a great week.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Zara said...

The sanderson cushion fabric looks very familiar but i can't place where from.
Pink and mint, such a perfect colour combo. x

objectsofwhimsy said...

I love your cheery Monday morning pics I had Monday off too.

I still havent forgotten that I owe you guys a "gift"

Im printing a new run of cards this week Ill do a few extra for you guys sorry its been awhile and I went MIA but life got a bit difficult for me last year but thankfully back on track.


lazy explorers said...

Everything is so lovely! I especially love that pot! Thrift stores and rummage sales are the best place to find kitchenware.

lady liquor vintage. said...

That pot is so beautiful! XO

Bungalowgirl said...

Oooh , that blanket is just super yum! I found one in orange and pink this week. About this wallpaper, if you had any girly colours- pink/purple/green I would love to know as I have a project I am working on for miss Liongirl but not sure if I can get a leave pass to rummage! melx