March 27, 2012

heart of gold.

Oh neil young, how your songs make my heart beat faster. This post is dedicated to the musical genius and quite conveniently compliments the golden/autumn welcoming treats I found yesterday. No opshop adventure is complete without a Johnson find, so when I found what can only be described as THE Johnson find of the year for me…I was over the moon. My eyes scoured the shelves of this newly discovered oppy hoping and wishing for a piece of floral beauty. It took me a few seconds to realise what was staring back at me and as I took it down from the shelf, handling it with such care like it was gold (well, it pretty much is) I couldn’t believe what I had in my arms. A few squeals of glee and some cuddles later and it was mine. A pristine, in the box set of 4 johnson sunflower cups and saucers. Not only is this a new design for me, it’s my first Johnson purchase that I’ve found in it’s original box. A lot of hoo hah over some retro floral crockery but I know that many of you out there share the same love affair. I know of a few special ladies in particular that I will be dedicating a post to later in the week. You know where to come for your Johnson fix this week! happy treasure hunting gorgeous ones.

the current love of my life.

staffordshire beauty.

lemon floral..hello.

mustard canister...need i say more?

apple crumble on the menu.

indulging in peanut butter flavoured goodness whilst wearing a mustard skirt...can anyone say hello autumn!?


koralee said...

Pure joy that is all I can say about your images today...those yellow sheet are amazing. xoxo

Liz said...

Love the look of the apple crumble!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart :)
You seriously have THE BEST op shops...will have to check them out when I am next in town.

ingrid said...

hello autumn!
Lucky you with your johnson find. op shop gold!

one denim bird said...

Devine finds! Those summer breeze sheets look just like a pillow slip I picked up recently, joy x

Bungalowgirl said...

Love all that mustard scrumptiousness- especially that canister. Would LOVE you to email some pics of the wallpaper. address is thanks melx

humble habit said...

You are all over autumn aren't you. What a fantastic find it was waiting for you, glad to share in your joy.

karlyn Jackson said...

Your eyes must have seriously popped when you saw that box, well done you!