April 1, 2012

if you rummage you shall find.

one of my favourite past times is stopping and smelling the flowers. both metaphorically and in reality...really, it is...my house is full of beautiful blooms that i haven't stopped snapping thanks to some lovely housewarming guests. i'm in such a good place right now, feeling a sense of contentment and happy about where i'm heading. my house is full of good vibes and pretty patterns that continue to inspire me daily. i go to bed admiring my mint coated walls and wake to the most amazing light (when i'm not up at 5am for work!) trickling in through my french doors that warm my floral linen covered face. i've just had the best day at rummage with some old and new favourites, finding new johnson delights, chatting with so much excitement that my words get jumbled and eating divine cupcakes under the shade of a central city tree. i made a few dollars for my europe fund which paled in comparison to the gorgeous instagram/blogging gems that i became aquainted with today. i forgot just how much of a social slice rummage can be. the weather was lovely so this freckle face is off to smother my poor neck in aloe vera and get ready for the week ahead. with a day like today, i can feel myself floating high for a few days yet. thank you to the beautiful people that bought, chatted, sold, visited and generally just made my sunday amazing. be sure to come back in the week when i showcase some of my favourite instagrammers and their love for the one and only johnson ware. you all make this blog world a very happy place to be. happy sunday all!

k&n ready to rock'n'roll.

beautiful brisbane setting.

an afternoon delight.

my johnson loot. thanks mel!

a rummage babe.

patterns galore!

a vintage sweater delight ready for the cooler evenings.

the perfect end to the most perfect sunday.


Trudy Florence said...

I love those end of rummage highs! The most lovely Sundays were had at Rummage. Can't wait to rummage again with you one day. Miss your talkative face. xxx

lady liquor vintage. said...

All that wallpaper is beautiful! I may have gone slightly crazy & bought everything on your stall had I been there! XO

Kylie said...

I love that pic of your new Johnson mugs Laura. Glad you've settled-in so nicely to your new home x

Peony and Thistle said...

Looks like a fabulous day's rummaging! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you had such a fab time. I was all set to sell at the Feb rummage when it got cancelled due to rain. But now I'm lucky because on the 21st of April, the rummage is coming to the GC, saves me a lot of extra travel and money for parking. I hope I get to catch you one day at a rummage and say hi.

Amy said...

Were you selling the Hollie Hobbie bed sheets? I'm pretty disappointed I didn't pick them up.

Lea said...

oh I would LOVE to go to Rummage so much. It looks divine. I can imagine the excitement of all the beauty in the one place. Lovely that you are settled in your new place.

pusat busana muslim said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Danielle said...

This does look like a perfect day. I can't wait for our weather to warm up so outside thrifting can resume. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I will plan my next trip East to coincide with a Rummage.
Your Johnson finds are heavenly.