April 19, 2012

idea of happiness.

it was one of those fist pump in the air/ high five yourself kinda moments. after having dropped my sister off at the airport (i miss you already) and smudged off any last sign of mascara dripping down my face... i drove to a favourite oppy that i hadn't visited for a while, hoping the opshop gods would be good to me. with a few dollars in my wallet i was hoping i wouldn't come across anything too fabulous or pricey so when presented with a wall of beautiful floral fabrics, i went into fist pump overload. a few flannies, singles, doubles and even a king..for a few dollars a sheet. i haven't stumbled across such a fun haul in what seems like forever, probably because just about everyone seems to be on the hunt! it's all about timing and on this day, i was right on time. enough chatter, i'm off to see a favourite band tonight, dance till my feet ache and scream so loud that i lose my voice (yeah, i'm that girl.) coastal fun times follow tomorrow with a trip to a few of my favourite oppies and the special gc rummage. might see you there?

it's love.

my favourite.

some j-love.

cute AND comfy heels.

it appears i'm starting a glass collection.

wood & sons plate.


Lucy said...

Woohoo! What a haul! I love that feeling in your tummy when you see so many glorious things in one op shop :)
I'm planning a couple of northside op shop stops this Saturday...fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

It definitely is all about the timing. Nice haul Laura :)

Rach Jackson said...

I can never find good vintage sheets. Fist pump away my friend!

Rach x

naughty shorts! said...

such joyful finds! Don't worry you will be with your sister again soon. xo

Zara said...

Gosh all those pretty florals at one oppie, I would have let out a bit of a squeal.

Bungalowgirl said...

Oh wowser you hit the jackpot! Me too up the coast and I so know that feeling of excitement and internal squealing! I too have a glass collection, very much like yours for the colour and pattern. Think I saw some Johnson up the coast but not sure how to tell for sure. Would be happy to ferret on your behalf if you can teach me how to know it is the real J love. I have made a committment to NOT collect it but am happy to look for you, melx

Sophie Isobel said...

Oh so many good things! There seems to be a shortage of sheets down my way at the moment, so it's wonderful to see they are still going strong in Brissie. And those glasses are just too cute!
Soph xx

Anonymous said...

Swoon over those sheets they are delisicous.