April 13, 2012

instagram friday.

happy friday beautiful people! i hope you have a lovely weekend planned and if you're australia side that you're enjoying the cooler temps we've been having. it's a rainy morning here in brisbane and it almost felt like a crime to have to get up for work (the ciders i had last night didn't help either) but my low key weekend planned with my sister (who jets off overseas for three months on tuesday), some cake baking, art making and market ferreting is giving me the enthusiasm to get through my day. the emotional veil that was clouding my vision last week has lifted and i am feeling more motivated than ever. i'm back on track with my europe trip and i am finally allowing myself to get excited about it rather than worrying about how many dollars i'll have saved. life is too short, my nanny is too special and europe is just too beautiful not to take this opportunity. i'll leave you with some pictures from my week and in turn look forward to seeing some of yours. my instagram giveaway ends tonight and from the bottom of my fabric filled heart, i thank you for all the love and support. i'll be back on sunday with some finds and baked goods straight from the oven. happy weekending!

afternoon tea.

new kiln craft treat for the collection.


baby love.


gallery love.


Anonymous said...

Your IG feed is always so inspiring!
It is still ridiculously hot here in the West, I am longing for some much cooler weather.
Sounds like you have a delightful weekend ahead of you..enjoy :)

bridget anne said...

beautiful, beautiful! all of 'em. love the colors.

look see said...

Luverly Instagrams! :)