April 8, 2012


i should be ironing my work clothes right about now and moving closer to my bed... but instead i appear to be watching series 6 of satc and eating the last of easter bunny's loot. no competition really. i'm falling more in love with a little lady i spent the afternoon with and instagramming like a total fiend instead of facing the dinner dishes. i can already sense your feelings on that one. kate and i roadtripped our way to toowoomba for an afternoon date with two of our favourite ladies. little lady is approaching 7 months and getting more gorgeous by the day. we ate home made yum cha, kissed chubby cheeks, indulged in tea and date slice and chatted about the old times. a perfect easter sunday. after a couple of days inside, this was the perfect remedy to shake off any cabin fever and gave my lazy arse an excuse to remove my pajamas and shower off the chocolate that i'm sure began to build up on my face. i wandered my neighbourhood for some fresh air yesterday and have managed to write 3 blog posts in 3 days...a record. i've put the kettle on and the iron is calling my name. i'm back at work tomorrow but the double dollars will ensure i get out of bed in the morning. these past few days have been good for the soul, even if my waistline has increased by several easter eggs. chocolate for breakfast is a once a year affair that should be taken very seriously. hope you're having an equally delicious time.

pic one: road trippin'
pic two: love her.
pic three: thrifted florals found for me by a favourite.
pic four: afternoon delight.
pic five: hot cross buns, the bitumen variety.
pic six: afternoon nap.


Trudy Florence said...

Sounds like the perfect Easter. She is just too cute. Love the steady blogging! I need to get on that!

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter -Toomwoomba always makes for a perfect day.

look see said...

Love your Easter Instagrams! :)

toko pakaian muslim said...

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Peta said...

you'd love the oppies in Toowoomba. You should come back when they are open next time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the long weekend was just the therapy you needed :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Sounds like you had a delicious time for Easter. Love those hot cross road buns! so nice to see you at rummage and thanks for your lovely comments on my photos- a total compliment give how amazing yours are Laura. I keep intending to pop on instagram but have so many things on the go and so not enough time- also worried i could get addicted. melx